Crawler, Algorithm & Co. – What’s behind Google Search

The basics at a glance
What are the key factors that determine which results you get?
What are Google algorithm updates and how often do they occur?
Google algorithm and search engine optimization
Short excursus: Why are there different search results on desktop and mobile?
Conclusion: This is why the Google algorithm makes us happy

The basics at a glance

In order to understand the principles of Google’s universe, there are some basic terms you should know.

Crawler, spider, robot or whatever you want to call it

A (web) crawler is more or less the synonym for spider, robot, bot, etc. It analyzes and indexes data from the internet. That means it looks at your website, reads the content there, and then stores information about it. It also examines pages that have already been indexed for updates and new content. Through this process, information is displayed to users in a more targeted manner, so that they only receive relevant content in response to search query. The crawler is therefore the basis of every search engine and indispensable. For this reason, a bot, spider, etc. becomes important whenever you want to optimize your website for search engines.

However, not always only one bot is used to search the internet. Google uses several, for example, one only for images. The bots therefore have a clear thematic assignment, according to which they are subdivided.


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