What is a subpage? 

Subpages are web pages that are located below the homepage. In most cases, a web page consists of several subsites, which are only one click or link away from the homepage. Nevertheless, it is possible that after a subpage comes a following one, which is again only accessible via a link.

What types of subpages are possible?

A subpage refers to all pages subordinate to the homepage. The term says nothing about the type of page. Especially product pages, landing pages and category pages are known forms of subpages of the homepage.

What is the homepage?

The first page of the website is called homepage. As a rule, this is the page you see when you call up a website. Thus, a homepage is an Internet offer, which usually consists of many individual subpages.

What is a landing page? 

A landing page is a web page to which potential customers are directed via Google, another search engine or an online ad. The website operator moves the user through the landing page and to a targeted action (called conversion). Goals of this can be:

What are category pages?

A category page should be the main page on a specific topic. The goal is to create a page that, in the best case, answers all the questions users have about that particular subject. Texts on category pages must cover this topic comprehensively. 

What are product pages? 

Especially in online stores, product pages are among the most important sales pages. Here, the customer receives the information he needs to decide whether the product will actually be added to the shopping cart and subsequently purchased. This is how the visitor ultimately becomes a buyer.

What is the difference between a website and a subpage?

A web page is a document in HTML format on the Internet, which can be called up there by a browser. The term web page refers to a single subpage of your website. Thus, all pages are subpages, which are not a homepage. Thus, all web pages are represented by several subpages. Each page has its own, individual URL, under which it can be called.

Are web pages with multiple subpages better than many individual web pages?

Both directly on the homepage as well as on individual subpages are the contents of the web pages. In the end, it is up to the owner how many of them his online presence has. For this reason, there may be many individual web pages of a single owner on the World Wide Web. Whether contents are better part of a big whole or should be distributed on several individual appearances, does not determine thereby the search engine, but the website owner itself. However, in the course of search engine optimization, it is recommended to combine existing content from several presences. The advantage of this is that the strengths of the individual pages can be bundled. Nevertheless, it is not possible to say whether large websites with several subpages are better than individual websites without corresponding internal linking.

How are subpages structured?

Every web page that is opened after the starting page counts as another subpage. Web pages follow a hierarchical tree structure, with the homepage as the opening point. To find out how many of your pages have been indexed in Google, you have to enter “” in the search bar of your browser and Google.

In the graphic below, you can see how the structure tree is subdivided from the start page into further paths. These are the subpages. Each of these can have just as many continuative paths, which in turn are subpages and have different forms, such as category pages or product pages.

This picture represents a tree diagram and shows you the structure of a web page. It starts with the home page (orange) and goes on to subpages (shown in blue and green).
Structure of a website.

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