What is meant by content?

In the field of online marketing, the entire content of a website is called content. When you think of the content of a website, you probably first think of texts, but this also includes all graphics, images, audio files and videos. Content is essential for the users of the website. Likewise, good content has a positive effect

The different types of content

DieThe content of your website can be classified into three categories of content:

The graphic shows the three different classifications of content types.  These are divided into Text (with press releases, lists&rankins, texts, emails, whitepapers), Audio (with podcasts or audio files) and Visual (with images, games, infographics, apps, webinars, videos, GIFS and annimations).
Categories of Content

Textual content

This type of content describes all textual elements of your website. Here, for example, keywords can be used sensibly in the headlines. In addition, the form of your content is changeable: You can work with bullets, tables or infoboxes at the appropriate places 😉

The WDF*IDF analysis can be helpful for you here. Here you can get an evaluation of how the relevance of the content (WDF) and the weighting of the individual words (IDF) looks in comparison to other documents with similar content.

Visual content

Especially images and videos lead to a longer dwell time on your website. When crawling your website, Google can recognize that the elements are image and vEspecially images and videos lead to a longer time spent on your website. When crawling your website, Google can recognize that the elements are image and video elements. The size in pixels can also be determined. But what exactly is displayed is for Google to maintain via the alt tags. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to describe all graphic representations of your website accordingly in the metadata. This is also a skillful way to improve the accessibility of your website.

The content of graphical images such as pictures, videos and infographics cannot be read 1:1 by the Googlebot.

Audio Content

You can use podcasts or music, for example, to include content on your website that is set to music. This type of content also invites the user to stay longer on your site and interact with it. Podcasts or spoken texts are particularly suitable for introducing new topics or innovations to the user. For example, an excerpt from a book could be stored as an audio track, which encourages the user to make a purchase. This in turn increases your conversion rate. For content set to music, the right signals must also be set for the Googlebot. The maintenance of the metadata for the files is therefore essential for the ranking here as well.

What is content marketing?

This type of marketing is part of a company’s communication strategy and refers to the precise distribution of content in order to convey an advertising message. The primary goal of content marketing is to convince the target group of an offer, a brand or the company. A wide variety of channels and media are available for content marketing. For example:

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What role does Google play in content marketing?

Google always wants to present the user with the most appropriate results for his search query. Content is therefore an important ranking factor! Among other things, the Googlebot evaluates the amount of content, the structure and the type of content on the website.
In order to appear as high as possible in the organic search results, you should make sure that you address your target group precisely with the right keywords when creating the content. Use enough synonyms to avoid keyword stuffing.

We have a guide for you on how keyword research works.

It is also important to maintain the alt tags for images, graphics, videos and audio files so that they can also be recognized and correctly assigned. Another important factor in content marketing is the length of time users spend on your website.

The longer a user stays on your site and the more he actively interacts with the content provided, the more positively Google will note this.


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