At eology we have high standards for the quality of our work! We always try to achieve the best for our customers and we are fully committed to this every day. In order to make these quality standards visible to all customers and interested parties, we are happy to have our work audited by independent institutions such as the BVDW and commit ourselves to adhering to certain quality criteria. In addition, our customers can benefit from our numerous partnerships. Learn more about our certificates, awards and partnerships here.

We are signatories of the BVDW Code of Conducts Search Engine Optimization. With the signature we commit ourselves to comply with certain quality criteria in the field of SEO. These include campaigns and projects as well as strategic consulting. We thus contribute to a better transparency on the market with regard to methods and working practices of agencies.

iBusiness determines the top 100 of the most important German-speaking SEO service providers every quarter. Since 2016, eology has carried the seal “Top 100 SEO Agency”. The assessment basis of the list is the industry visibility index, which iBusiness determines based on the ranking position of the companies for SEO-relevant keywords in Google. The calculations also include other data, such as the number of employees or activities as a speaker.

We also adhere to the BVDW’s Code of Conduct Search Engine Advertising in our SEA services. A separate focus group defined quality criteria for search engine advertising. With our signature, we commit ourselves to taking these criteria into account in our daily work in order to continuously guarantee the quality of our services.

As an official Microsoft partner, both our clients and we benefit from the partnership. We offer our clients high-quality services and in-depth knowledge of online marketing and technology to achieve optimal results with Microsoft Ads. As a partner, Microsoft offers us support, services and solutions for a successful cooperation with our customers.

We have been awarded the German Agency Award for the fifth year in a row! The German Agency Award is given annually to recognize the outstanding achievements of advertising, marketing and Internet agencies. We are very pleased to be able to realize such successful projects together with and for our customers.


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