What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is mainly used on websites. It is a scripting language developed by Netscape and later used in all web browsers. JavaScript was originally used to check the user’s input in web forms for correctness.
The possibilities of the JavaScript programming language have been greatly expanded since its introduction in 1995. In addition to interactive web elements, mobile apps, browser games or web and server applications can also be designed with JavaScript.

What is JavaScript used for?

JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language. It is intended to make web development easier and more attractive. In most cases, JavaScript is applied to display embedded videos, animations, interactive maps or forms in a usable way for the user. With good JavaScript knowledge, you can also display the following elements:

Mobile apps

JavaScript offers you a wide variety of possibilities. By implementing frameworks like React Native, Apache Cordova or Phonegap, mobile apps can be designed for multiple operating systems. Thus, you only need a working code to be able to offer the app for iOs or Android users, for example.

Browser games

JavaScript is often used in the design and development of browser games. The well-known “Jump & Run” games, which are called up via the web browser, are based on this programming language. To develop your skills in JavaScript, the design of your own game is perfect.

Web and server applications

With JavaScript, web developers can create new libraries or frameworks to improve performance. In addition, backend web developers can design web apps or server apps that are displayed to users as interactive elements on your website.

JavaScript is a very powerful programming language. The points listed here are examples. Depending on the imagination and experience of the developer, much more is possible 😊

Enable JavaScript in the browser or not?

In order to optimize the pagespeed of websites or to offer users a standard user experience, web developers like to resort to JavaScript. When designing a modern website, its use is inevitable.
Surely you and also the visitors of your website have installed an appropriate firewall. JavaScript normally does not access your hard disk. However, if you should come across a “black sheep”, where JavaScript will be harmful to your computer, your firewall will react and protect you from the attack.
No serious operator of a website will try to harm you with the JavaScript used on his website.

We recommend that you allow JavaScript to run on websites, as this is the only way to display many pages on the Internet correctly. However, regularly check your virus scanner for suspicious access.

How do I enable or disable JavaScript in the browser?

Enabling or disabling JavaScript in the browser is easier than you might think at first. We’ve put together a little guide on how to set it up in the Google Chrome web browser.

  1. Go to the settings
The image shows the first step to enable/disable Java Script in Google Chrome browser.
  1. Select the “Security and Privacy” item and then the “Site Settings” item
The image shows the second step to enable/disable Java Script in Google Chrome browser.
  1. Scroll down to the “JavaScript” selection
The image shows the third step to enable/disable Java Script in Google Chrome browser.
  1. Choose your setting
The image shows the fourth step to enable/disable Java Script in Google Chrome browser.

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