What is a click?

A click is what you do when you click on a specific search result in the SERPs, i.e. when you are taken from the search results page to a website. You can either click on an organic search result or a paid search ad. Also, if a user clicks on a link and lands on a page that is temporarily unavailable or inaccessible, this counts. Based on the clicks and the resulting click-through rate, you can see how successful your page is in Google search and how well your snippet is received by users. Pages or ads that stand out positively and offer relevant content are thus more likely to be clicked.

What is and what is not counted as a click?

However, if a link only leads to a search query refinement, Google does not count a click for this. This it counts as a new search query.
In addition, if the user leaves the website and then clicks again, this is not counted. So you won’t find a user’s double visit listed twice as a click.

Evaluation and analysis

You can easily view clicks on your website via Google Search Console. To do this, you need to select the performance option. After that, all clicks that happened in the time defined by you will be displayed there.

Evaluation of the clicks of the last 3 months through the Google Search Console

You can also find out the click-through rate (also called CTR) via this function. It tells you how many users have seen your website and then clicked on the link or visited it. Based on this data, you can estimate how appealing your ad or snippet is in the SERPs and whether there is a need for optimization.


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