Holistic landing page

Holistic landing page Definition: What is a holistic landing page?

Basically, there are two ways to divide relevant keywords to a topic area:

The term “holistic” can be explained by the word “holistic”. Landing pages with holistic content look at a topic holistically. This is not just a matter of simply stringing together information on a topic. Rather, this information is to be examined from different angles – and in a meaningful structure, in order to offer the user real added value.

With a holistic landing page, the topic is covered in such a comprehensive way that individual URLs to different subtopics are no longer necessary.

Features of a holistic landing page

What are the advantages of a holistic landing page?

The clear goal of a holistic landing page is to answer all user questions about a topic on a single page. The user does not need to call up further sub-pages via the navigation in order to find out about further aspects relating to the topic. In addition, they do not have to start another search to find answers to questions that are still unanswered. And this results in an important advantage: the probability that a customer will convert at a competitor is reduced. If the customer feels that he has received competent advice and is convinced by the service or product, the likelihood that he will return to the same provider also increases.

From an SEO perspective, a holistic landing page also offers a decisive advantage: it generates very broad visibility on a topic. Lead to better rankings:

So if you opt for a holistic landing page, you will benefit overall from:

  • An increased conversion rate
  • Better rankings
  • Upselling opportunities
  • Satisfied, loyal customers

When is a holistic landing page useful?

A holistic landing page does not always make sense. To find out if a holistic landingpage is suitable, these questions can help you:


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