Shopping Cart

What is a shopping cart?

By definition, it is a feature designed to simplify the shopping experience of any user. The shopping cart is like a shopping cart that allows users to save products. It helps to complete the purchase process faster without having to go through all the items again. Its purpose is to make the shopping process as simple as possible.

How does a shopping cart work?

Just like a shopping cart, users can add all the products they want to order to the cart with one click. There is no need to open multiple tabs as an overview of the desired purchases. This increases usability and simplifies the entire ordering process. Potential buyers are able to view the contents of the shopping cart before completing the purchase and edit it if necessary; for example, by adjusting quantities of goods or deleting individual products. If they wish, they can also delete the entire shopping cart again. As a rule, the contents are retained throughout the entire ordering process – the shopping cart only disappears when the purchase is cancelled or the order is successfully completed.

Optimize the shopping cart in the online store

If you are experiencing a high bounce rate and purchase cancellations, this may be due to the shopping cart. It may need optimization in order to increase user-friendliness during the shopping process. If the shopping cart does not meet the user’s needs, it will negatively influence their purchase decision.

Among other things, the following factors can lead to a purchase abandonment:

  • Order details not visible
  • Shopping cart empty or not all shopping cart contents available
  • Desired payment options not available
  • Poor user-friendliness
  • Shipping costs are not displayed
  • Account required for order process

An optimized shopping cart is essential to prevent purchase cancellations. Explanations of the individual steps of the ordering process must be apparent, for example. These include:

The simpler and clearer the entire process is designed, the more likely it is that a purchase will be completed.

Shopping cart and SEO

The focus of search engine optimization for online stores is always on usability. Only if the user is satisfied, a conversion is made possible, while at the same time the bounce rate decreases. In addition to the content, structure and layout of the shopping cart, its placement is relevant, for example. The shopping cart icon must be clearly visible on the button – anyone who can’t find it will switch to another store. Just as relevant for the success of a store are appealing content and a well-structured landing page.


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