Golden Circle

What is Golden Circle Marketing?

Golden Circle Marketing is a model that describes how companies develop and market their products and services. It is based on the assumption that most companies first consider what they want to sell before they consider why they are selling it. This model is an alternative to the traditional marketing model and is designed to help companies better market their products and services.

What does the Golden Circle consist of?

The Golden Circle marketing model consists of three circles:

  1. The first circle is the “what” circle. This circle is about what the company is selling.
  2. The second circle is the “how” circle. Here, the question of how the company develops and markets its products and services is clarified.
  3. The last circle is the “Why” circle. The last and most important circle and which asks the question why the company sells its products and services.
The graphic shows the three circles of Golden Circle Marketing. In the middle is the question "Why", followed by the question "How" and in the outermost circle the question "What".
Figure 1: The Golden Circle Marketing Model according to Simon Sinek

The Golden Circle Marketing Model is designed to help you and your business do a better job of marketing. It should show you that you should first think about why you want to sell something before you think about what you want to sell.

How does the Golden Circle work?

The Golden Circle was developed by Simon Sinek. He uses it to describe how companies sell their products and services to customers. The model is based on three questions:

  1. Why?
    The first question, “Why?”, refers to the motivation of the company. Why does it do what it does? Why does it exist at all?

  2. How?
    The second question, “How?”, refers to the ways and means the company uses to get its offer to the customer.

  3. What?
    The third and final question, “What?”, refers to the offer itself – that is, the product or service that the company offers.

These three questions are reversed in order: the company starts by answering the question “What?” and ends by answering the question “Why?”. This is the Golden Circle. Answering the first two questions is probably relatively easy for you: you know what your company offers and how you offer it. Answering the last question, however, is far more difficult, but not impossible 😉

Why should you use the Golden Circle Method?

With the Golden Circle, you and your company can go deeper into motivation and show your customers why you actually exist. This approach makes you a brand that people buy not just because they need a particular product or service, but because you embody something deeper – something that is relevant and appealing to people.

The Golden Circle is thus an effective means of attracting and retaining customers and achieving long-term success.

That is why you should define the why

In the Golden Circle marketing model, the “why” is the most important factor. The “why” is the motivation behind what we do. If you want to understand your customers, you must first find out why they buy. Why do they buy your products or services? What is their motivation? The “why” is so important because it helps you understand your customers better. When you know why they buy, you can better tailor your products and services to their needs. Then you can also better align your marketing and sales strategies with the “why”.

How can you find your why?

There is no magic formula for finding the “why”. It’s a combination of research, observation and intuition. Here are some tips that can help you:


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