Search Intent

What is a search intent?

The search intent is also known as user intent. It describes the intention of a user as soon as he submits a search query to the search engine. The search intent plays a very important role for Google. The results displayed in the SERPs should be the most relevant answers to the user’s search query.

What are the types of search intent?

The intention of search queries by the user is distinguished between three different types of query form:

Transactional search queriesThis user intention clearly shows that there is an intention to buy behind the user’s queryBuy smartphone, test report suction robot, coffee machine reviews

Navigtional search queriesHere, the user makes a targeted request to navigate to a specific websiteeology Volkach, Telekom, Apple
Informational search queriesBehind this search is the intention to obtain information about a specific operationRecipe for pasta casserole, watering orchid correctly, change car tires  

Why is Search Intent important for your SEO?

Especially in search engine optimization, the user intention has a very high value. High quality content that meets the expectations of the user can demonstrably improve your Google ranking. If the user is satisfied, Google is too and will reward you with a good position in the search results. In order to use the search intent of your users to your advantage, it is advisable to first define your target group exactly. Then, the classic W-questions can help you to define the user intent more precisely. The following points will also help you to adapt the user intent even more specifically on your website:

Why is search intent important for keyword research?

The user’s search intent becomes the focus of attention when researching keywords. Every website operator automatically deals with the search intent of the user. The goal is quite clear: to be placed as high as possible in the search results.

Find helpful tips for your keyword research here.

Why your search intent may not be recognized

It does not always work out immediately to hit the right user intention of the user to be played out in the top results of Google. This can be due to the following points:

  1. The focus
    Sometimes search queries lack a certain focus. This is referred to as a mixed intent. A search intent with the word “heating” can be transactional, navigational, and informational.
  2. The dynamics
    A user intent is also dynamic, which means that your content should be updated from time to time. This way, you guarantee to always deliver up-to-date content to the users with the user intent. Google will also notice this and reward you with better rankings.
  3. Perfect imperfect
    Even Google’s algorithm is not always perfect. Even the best search engine sometimes finds it difficult to clearly classify a user intention. For advertisers via Google Ads, it is therefore not always easy to deliver relevant content that the Googlebot classifies as suitable.

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