PPC (Pay per Click)

Als Pay per Click, kurz PPC, wird eine Abrechnungsmethode im Online Marketing bezeichnet. Es findet vor allem im Paid Advertising Anwendung und wird dort genutzt, um Werbeanzeigen entsprechend der Klicks abzurechnen. Aus diesem Grund wird PPC auch manchmal als Klickvergütung betitelt. Der Vorteil für Dich als Werbetreibender ist, dass nur dann bezahlt werden muss, wenn eine tatsächliche Handlung durch den Nutzer erfolgt, nämlich der Klick auf die Anzeige. Es ist eine gängige Zahlungsmethode bei der Budgetierung von Kampagnen bei Google, Facebook, Amazon und Co.

Pay per click, or PPC for short, is a billing method in online marketing. It is used primarily in paid advertising, where it is used to charge for advertisements according to the number of clicks. For this reason, PPC is sometimes also referred to as click compensation. The advantage for you as an advertiser is that you only have to pay when an actual action is taken by the user, namely clicking on the ad. It is a common payment method when budgeting for campaigns on Google, Facebook, Amazon and Co.

The PPC cycle

What are PPC campaigns and what do they cost?

PPC campaigns are advertising campaigns based on the pay per click payment method. They are an important part of search engine advertising, where they are used on both search engines and social networks. In addition, PPC campaigns play an important role in affiliate marketing and marketplace advertising.

The costs of a PPC campaign vary due to various factors. These include, for example

Due to these factors, the cost of a click in a PPC campaign can range from cents to double-digit euro amounts.

What are the advantages of PPC marketing?

There are good arguments in favor of pay per click marketing:

  1. Costs are only incurred when your ad is actually clicked on
  2. Ads are displayed to your target group in a more targeted way
  3. The reach of a PPC campaign is high and wastage is low
  4. Cost control is completely up to you, as you can determine click prices yourself, for the most part

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