Online Marketing

What is Online Marketing?

Marketing activities that are implemented on the Internet are referred to as online marketing. Companies have various marketing tools at their disposal for this purpose:

The focus of online marketing is often on the distribution of products or services through various online channels, as well as the communication policy. For many companies, whether small or large, an Internet presence has become indispensable. In order to attract new customers and retain existing ones, users now expect services such as a contact form for inquiries or an online store for the uncomplicated purchase of products and services.ed purchase of products and services.

How is online marketing done?

The basic process for an online marketing campaign is always the same, no matter what industry you are in and what marketing channel you have chosen for your online activity. By creating a campaign in advance, you avoid wastage, as your marketing is targeted to your target group. Another advantage of creating a campaign is that you get as much reach as possible with a fixed budget. You do not take any financial risk.

The steps to create an online marketing campaign:

The graphic shows a timeline with the stages of a marketing campaign. Point 1: Determine campaign goals, Point 2: The target group analysis, Point 3: Determine the form(s) of advertising, Point 4: Develop the marketing tools, Point 6: Observation.
Graphical representation of the flow of an online marketing campaign

What is the difference between online marketing and digital marketing?

Despite the similarities, there is a difference between online marketing and digital marketing that should be noted.

Online marketing refers to marketing activities that take place exclusively on the Internet to promote products or services. It is a subset of digital marketing and includes marketing channels such as search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and affiliate marketing.

In essence, digital marketing encompasses all marketing activities that use digital technologies and media to promote a brand, products or services, while online marketing only includes the part of digital marketing that is carried out specifically on online channels.

Why is online marketing so important for businesses?

Users spend a large part of their (free) time on the Internet. It is impossible to imagine our everyday lives without it. Many inform themselves about companies, their services and products via websites. Due to the increasing number of possible offers on the Internet, it is important for your company to draw attention to itself. The easiest way to do this is through targeted online marketing. Strengthen your customer loyalty by keeping your existing customers up to date with regular news from your company or about new products. For example, a regular newsletter is a good way to do this. In order to be found better in the Google SERPs and to win new customers, you should write your texts with the keywords that make sense for you. Maintain your site regularly with meaningful and informative content. This way your conversion rate can increase and you will climb in the generic search results on Google. If you do not use online marketing measures, you accept that your competitors are better placed on the web than you are and that new customers will buy from your competitors instead.

In short, you can say that you can reach a larger target group with online marketing. The planned measures help your service or product to gain more visibility and reach. Through precise targeting, your online strategy can be aligned even more efficiently with your target group.

How important is search engine optimization in online marketing?

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is an essential part of a company’s online marketing. All activities that help you to achieve a high place in Google search results are summarized under the term SEO. Websites that do not have a good ranking on Google are rarely or not at all clicked on. To be visible for your (new) customers, you should not disregard this area of online marketing.

A good SEO brings you and your company:

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What are the advantages of working with digital marketing agencies?

The field of online marketing is sometimes very complex. Often, companies lack the appropriate expertise for good marketing campaigns, which is why cooperation with marketing agencies makes sense. With the cooperation, expert contact persons, experienced graphic designers, web developers and specialists for SEO are at your side with words and deeds. Depending on the budget, they can optimize and drive your online marketing for you, while you can take care of your daily business and do not have to familiarize yourself with foreign topics.


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