Online Advertising

What is online advertising?

Online advertising is any type of advertising that is placed and distributed via the Internet. Online advertising differs significantly from print, radio or TV advertising in terms of the measurability of campaign success. The goals and successes of the ads can be evaluated in detail. This gives you information about how many users have seen your online advertising, how often it has been clicked on and how many users have interacted with the ad.

What types of online advertising are there and where can you use them?

Online advertising is a very broad term. There are many ways to use it. For the placement of online advertising you have several options.

We would like to give you a small overview of paid and free online advertising:

The company website:

Your website is the first signboard of the company on the Internet and indispensable. Users like to inform themselves about companies and their services online in advance. Already for small budgets you can book your own domain at a wide range of hosting providers and design the website with free CMS systems, such as WordPress.

Corporate Blog:

The design and maintenance of a company blog is comparatively time-consuming, but also a free option. By placing relevant content for the user, it still offers added value for your company. Another benefit: The user of the website needs time to read the articles, which increases the dwell time on the website. This in turn has a positive effect on Google’s ranking. Through a possible comment function, you also give the user the opportunity to interact with your site. In addition, external users can name your site or your content as a source with an external link. This improves your online PR and visibility on the web.

Google My Business Registration:

The Google My Business registration is free of charge for your company and offers the possibility to present your company in the Google SERPs and on Google Maps. The entry ensures better visibility and easier contact for potential customers. It is indispensable if you want to be found quickly on the Internet.

Google Ads

Online ads can be created for companies via Google Ads. Here, the target group can be clearly defined. Your ad reaches the user at the exact moment he shows interest in the product or service. With a Google Ads ad, your company can advertise even with a small budget, because there is no minimum amount at Google, which must be spent on online advertising.

Social Media

The presentation of one’s own company on the various social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, is becoming increasingly important. Especially young people get a first impression about companies, services and products via social media. The creation of accounts on the platforms is completely free of charge for you. However, you should plan enough time for the maintenance of the profiles, because the following also applies here: Give the user added value with the published content. You can also hire an influencer to promote your products or services. However, this is usually a paid service. In addition, paid advertisements are also available to you in the social media channels, which you can use, for example, for the relaunch of a new product series. Social ads can be specifically targeted at your target group and, like Google Ads, are not tied to a minimum budget.

Why is online advertising relevant to search engine advertising (SEO)?

Online advertising plays a crucial role in improving search engine optimization (SEO). Through targeted online advertising campaigns, you can not only directly generate visibility and traffic, but also indirectly influence the ranking of your website in search engine results. High quality ads can lead to more users coming to your website, staying longer and interacting. This positive user behavior is recognized by search engines like Google and taken as a sign of relevant and engaging content. Higher user engagement can in turn help your website rank better in search results. Online advertising and SEO should therefore go hand in hand to build a strong online presence and achieve sustainable results.

Why is advertising online important for businesses?

Online advertising allows the company’s target group to be addressed specifically. This in turn avoids wastage, as is the case with print advertising in a newspaper, for example. Furthermore, the success of online advertising can be precisely measured and optimized for future campaigns. The reach of the company can also be increased by placing online advertising. If the service or product offered is not location-specific, potential customers can be addressed worldwide.

With so many options for online advertising, it’s important for every company to clearly define its target audience in advance, so that it can then achieve the best possible results with the right online marketing mix. Discover the different options of online advertising and design your advertising strategy together with our paid advertising experts to get the best out of your company. 🤗


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