What is an influencer?

Influencers are people who have a high reach and a high level of awareness in social media. The term influencer is derived from the verb “to influence”. The word influencer became established in the 2000s and is now commonplace. Influencers can be active on a wide variety of platforms. The focus here is on social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Co. Influencers usually use their large reach to address certain topics or to advertise products and companies. Influencers are often referred to as opinion leaders because they directly influence the consumer behavior of their followers.

What is the difference between blogger and influencer?

The terms blogger and influencer are often used interchangeably in our current vernacular, but they do not mean the same thing.

A blogger dedicates himself to the most diverse topics on his own platform. Articles and contributions are written and published. A blogger usually only has a smaller, but clearly defined target group that he wants to reach with his texts. Bloggers often use social media to draw attention to their articles, but do most of their work outside of the social networks on their own platform.

Influencers, on the other hand, are active exclusively on social networks and do not design their own platform to publish their latest posts. They use posts and the associated captions or video formats in the form of stories, etc. to communicate.

What are the types of influencers?

Opinion leaders on social media also have different focuses on topics and industries. Here are the 6 most popular influencer types for you:

Super-, Hero-, or Mega-InfluencerPeople who have a follower count in the millions. They have a very high attention rate and are the stars of the scene.
Promi- or Star-InfluencerEvery celebrity or star has a fan base that usually follows them on social media. These influencers include, for example, movie and pop stars or professional athletes.
Macro- or Everyday-InfluencerTrends are often set by this group of influencers. As a rule, the number of followers is over 50,000. They are among the role models of the scene.
Micro- oder Niche-InfluencerThese opinion leaders are often active on only one of the many possible channels and specialize in a particular topic. As a rule, they do not have an extremely high reach, but are considered very trustworthy and credible due to their expertise.  
Nano-InfluencerPeople who have a limited reach but enjoy a high degree of authority. They focus on specific social groups, stand out due to their high level of commitment and are considered credible.
Rising-InfluencerThese are the upcoming talents of the influencer community. Most of them do not yet have a large reach, but the number of fans is increasing daily.


How does marketing with advertising ambassadors work in practice?

Your product, your brand or your company can be placed concretely with the intended target group by making it available to the influencer in cooperation. Which content is played in connection with your product is left to the influencer himself. He knows best how to reach his community. In addition, this makes him appear credible. Many followers quickly notice when their role models are given content. So that your brand leader can promote your products, you give him a product box, for example, which he will test. Afterwards, your articles will be presented and linked by him in stories and posts.

Why should a company work with opinion leaders?

In recent years, collaboration with opinion leaders has become significantly more important. Social networks and the advertising and products shown there influence the buying behavior of younger generations. Instagram is way out in front among 18- to 24-year-olds, closely followed by YouTube. The latter is particularly suitable for a target group aged 25 to 44.

For your company, there are definite advantages to promoting products in collaboration with influencers. Through the high reach and awareness, you can increase the attention for your product or service. Your brand gains awareness. Influencers are often mentioned as a credible source of product information and reviews right after recommendations from friends and customer reviews. The willingness to buy your products is significantly increased by marketing with an advertising ambassador.

How can an influencer marketing campaign be measured?

The interaction rate shows you whether your campaign with an opinion leader is successful. Here, the channel of the social network you have chosen is secondary. Each influencer can send you API evaluations of the corresponding campaigns that they have posted for you. You can also provide your campaign partner with counting links for the posts. Based on these, you can clearly evaluate via Google Analytics how many users came to the website via the link to you and your products. You can also include in the measurement of the campaign how your own number of followers has increased in the corresponding network.


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