What are OnePagers?

A OnePager refers to websites whose content is presented on a single page and usually does not include subpages or other categories. OnePage websites present all relevant information briefly and clearly on one page. The user’s attention should thus be directed specifically to certain content and information. Legal information such as the imprint and the privacy policy can be moved to other URLs in accordance with the design and structure of the website. These are then accessible via a link in the Footer of OnePagers.
Other names for OnePagers are Single-Page Web Applications, Pageless Design, or Single-Page Application.

What does the structure of the one-pager look like?

All the content is on a single page, which makes OnePagers get longer and longer as you go down the page, depending on the size. The design of OnePagers is characterized by generous graphic elements.

The image shows a schematic representation of a OnePager. This includes the title image, the thematic areas, which can be visually separated from each other, and the conclusion including the call-to-action. At best, the OnePager is displayed in Responsive Design.

The user is greeted below the header by a large title image as well as simple text. Ideally, there is a meaningful structure with jump tags placed Above the Fold. This allows site visitors to quickly get to the sections they want. By scrolling down the page, the visitor gets more detailed information. Here, the individual subsections are clearly separated from each other in terms of design. This serves to guide the user as clearly as possible through the individual topics. The functionality is also very user-friendly on mobile devices. Because of the responsive design, the user does not have to fight through cumbersome menus and thus effortlessly gets to the desired hit. At the bottom of the page is a call-to-action. This can be a request to contact or purchase one of the featured products.

When does a OnePager make sense?

If your website deals with a single topic and serves a specific niche, a OnePager could be the optimal choice. Also, using OnePagers is very worthwhile for image-intensive projects. Especially when users are looking for detailed information and not just a quick answer, a OnePager is a good choice.

Examples of possible uses OnePagers are:


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