Language Targeting

What is Language Targeting?

The alignment of a website or advertisement to the respective language of the target group is called language targeting. Especially for companies with an international orientation, websites in the language of the users are important. The Googlebot can read the pages in the respective language and index them accordingly. This makes it easier for users to find and understand them internationally. For search engine advertising, shortly SEA, the advertising message in the language of the users is of great importance in order to achieve the right effect.

When does language targeting make sense?

If the location of your target group is not relevant, you should use language targeting. Users use different language settings on devices, browsers or operating systems. The setting options are diverse. For example, users can receive messages in one language and use the operating system setting in another, second language. In order to reach as many users as possible with your service and products, we recommend that you choose a suitable language setting for your website and advertisements.

Successful targeting – How can segmentation uncover customers’ needs?

In order to find out the needs of customers and potential new customers, a segmentation of the target group is carried out. The purpose of this subdivision is to address users in a targeted manner and to specifically address the needs of this group in the advertising measures. The concrete identification of customers helps to avoid wastage and misinvestment in marketing activities. Needs-oriented segmentation is based on the values of the relevant group. These can be, for example, success in professional and private life, independence, security or tradition. In addition, factors such as price perception, willingness to pay or the decision-making style of the customer group should also be included in the alignment. All these values give you an insight into what makes your target group tick and how you can steer your measures specifically for them. Successful targeting thus offers you a specific approach to your target group.

Geo-targeting: How important are language and country?

Since customers’ needs differ depending on their location, geo-targeting is used for advertising measures. This involves displaying ads, content, and campaigns based on the geographic data of the potential customer.

The graphic shows geo-targeting based on the search term "pizza delivery service" in Germany (left in the image) and the USA (right in the image). Under the entered search term, the respective SERPs of the region are displayed.
TExample of geo-targeting based on the search term “pizza delivery service” in Germany (left in the image) and the USA (right in the image).

It is also valuable to place your products in the right language and currency. Visitors to your website will appreciate it very much if you welcome them in their own language and describe your products accordingly. Also, your conversion rate can be increased if the customer can see the prices in the currency valid in his country. This saves him the conversion and leads faster to a purchase or a service request.


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