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What is SEO Consulting?

SEO Consulting is the term used to describe advice on optimizing rankings in search engines such as Google. An SEO consultant analyzes existing or emerging websites of companies and advises on search engine optimization. In doing so, he points out the opportunities and risks that changes to the website can bring for the ranking. The following suggestions for changes can be given by SEO consultants:

Optimizations are often cross-thematic. Depending on the recommended SEO measures, all three points can therefore also be tackled in combination.

What exactly do small and medium-sized businesses get out of SEO Consulting?

Many users make targeted queries to the search engine and receive the most relevant results already on page 1 of the SERPs. Everything that comes after that is irrelevant for the user and Google. Small and medium-sized companies often lack the resources and know-how to improve the ranking of their own website on Google. Some entrepreneurs fear high costs when investing in search engine optimization. As a SME, however, you should not be satisfied with just any placement on Google. SEO consulting agencies can help you efficiently and specifically. To improve your ranking, you get a detailed analysis and advice. Thereby, it is considered:

All these points can be implemented independently, or continue to be managed by the SEO Consulting Agency. Thus, unforeseen expenses do not arise for the optimization of your ranking.

How long does it take to have visible success in SEO?

Optimizing your website is a long-term task. A significant improvement in the SERPs can not be achieved overnight. It is important to carefully check and implement the points of the SEO measures from the consultation. Also the possibly resulting, further tasks are not to be neglected. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that, if implemented correctly, can provide great added value for your company and your customers.

Is SEO consulting tied to a specific content management system?

A professional SEO Consulting is not bound to a specific Content Management System (CMS). An SEO consultant does not need access to the system you are using to analyze your website. Via Google Analytics and a look at the metadata of your site, he already receives relevant data. From this, first measures for you can be concluded and targeted advice can be given. A primary CMS, which is particularly well suited for SEO Consulting, also does not exist. Competent SEO consulting agencies can help you, no matter which system you use.

What is SEO software and what do you use it for?

SEO tools can often be installed free of charge in the backend of your CMS. They examine and analyze the page with regard to important ranking factors such as:

An SEO tool can support you in the search engine optimization of your website and give you helpful tips or clues.


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