Backlink is a term from the English and means translated into German “Rückverweis”. Links, which refer from one website to another website, are called backlinks. With backlinks, a distinction is made between:

They count as an important ranking factor for Google. Optimally, all backlinks set on your website are meaningful and interesting for the user. With well-placed backlinks, the user is navigated through the website, or surfs purposefully through the World Wide Web.

What does a backlink look like?

You can find the structure of a backlink in the HTML source code of your page. The backlink always consists of the following components:

Representation of the individual components of a backlink with Link Sistrix, link title and anchor text.
Representation of a backlink.

In our example, the backlink is a link to Sistrix.

Why are backlinks important for SEO?

For search engines like Google, backlinks are important to be able to rank the quality of the respective website. Essential here is not the number of links, but the quality of the links. The more high-quality backlinks you receive on your website, the more Google’s trust in your page increases and the better it will rank in the SERPs.

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How long does Google need until it recognizes the backlinks?

Google does not want to commit to a specific time period in which your page is newly crawled and backlinks are detected. Here, the initial situation of the corresponding website often plays an important role. The more relevant the content of the page is for Google, the more regularly the Googlebot will crawl the content of the page. If the page is already very high in the ranking, a single backlink more, will not change much in this position. However, the situation is different for websites that can still rise in the ranking. The interval in which crawling takes place is greater and therefore it takes longer for Google to recognise new backlinks. However, this can help the website to rise in the SERPs.

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What does Google say about buying backlinks?

Buying backlinks is a violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines. Google’s recommendation is to build backlinks on your own on a regular basis. All other procedures are considered by Google as manipulation, which has a negative evaluation on your raking result and can lead to exclusion from the index. Google-compliant link building is therefore the be-all and end-all when it comes to building backlinks.

What can you do yourself for the success of your backlinks?

Bringing your own link building to success requires long-term commitment. So that Google sees your website as trustworthy, you can, for example, put links to the sources used in your blog posts. This gives the signal that the topic was dealt with on a reliable page. In addition, you can give the user the opportunity to interact on your page, for example, by allowing them to comment or ask questions about your post.

What is a backlink audit?

A continuous backlink audit also belongs to the necessary SEO measures. Through the regular audit you keep an eye on your links to avoid ranking losses. The elimination of risky or harmful links is the goal of this audit. In the quality guidelines of Google it is made clear that unnatural link building leads to downgrades.


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