What is an advertisement?

By definition, an advertisement is any image, text or video that draws attention to a product or service. It is therefore a message that is intended to persuade the desired target group to take action – to buy your products or services. It can be a commercial on television, a billboard on the side of the road, or a banner at the top of a website.
The basis for an advertisement consists of several elements:

How do you design your ad?

Each advertisement has a structure, which consists of various components. The structure of an advertisement includes:

  1. Corporate design:
    In order to create a recognition value for your customers, you should design every advertisement, whether online, print, social media, etc., in your defined corporate design.

  2. The eye-catcher (also called eye-catcher):
    It is important to attract the customer’s attention.

  3. The headline:
    You have got the customer’s attention, now he reads your meaningful headline. The basic interest is thus already aroused. 😊

  4. The slogan:
    Use a slogan for your ad with a meaningful catchphrase that reflects your product or service in a few words.

  5. The body text:
    A bit of body text for more detailed information about your product can’t hurt. But always make sure that this can be grasped and understood by the user within a short time – keep it simple!

What are the advantages of online advertising?

Online advertising has several advantages over other forms of advertising such as television commercials, radio ads, or print ads. Online advertising is often cheaper than any other form of advertising and allows a much wider reach than other forms of advertising. In addition, online ads can be defined exactly for your target audience and are therefore very targeted. Only users who are interested in your product and fit your target group definition will see your ad. In addition, online advertising is very easy to measure. You always know exactly how many users have seen your ad and interacted with it. The fact that online ads are interactive and customers can click on your ad in real time makes it easier for you to track the success of your online advertising.

How do search engine ads work?

Search engine ads are advertisements that appear when the user starts a search query with a certain keyword on Google or another search engine. On the following page with the found search results, the ads are usually displayed at the top or bottom of the page.

The image shows the positioning of advertisements in Google search. The ads appear at the top, shown in red in the image, then the generic search results, shown in blue in the image, and then paid ads follow again.

Figure 1: Positioning of ads on Google

As an advertiser, you bid for keywords that you want to associate with your website. A keyword research can be very useful for this. Once someone clicks on your ad, as an advertiser you pay an amount based on the traffic generated by the click.

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How useful are ads in social media?

Social media ads are extremely useful for businesses because they allow you to reach potential customers directly. However, paid ads via social media only make sense if you reach your desired target group via these networks.

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