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Our 60-page whitepaper „Search Engine Optimization for more web Traffic“ is full of free expert tips and is aimed at website operators and e-commerce decision-makers. In it, we reveal how you can set up and carry out search engine optimization professionally. Including strategy and action recommendations.

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You will learn what to do so that your website can benefit more from SEO, what special challenges and ranking possibilities there are, where the opportunities and risks of certain techniques lie and what you should pay special attention to as a site operator.

Sample Chapter

Mit nachhaltiger Suchmaschinenoptimierung zum Ziel

For long-term success in SEO, the user with his needs must be the focus of action.

The times when you could artificially feign relevance with low-quality texts and cheap links are over. The search engines, above all Google, have developed enormously in recent years and are increasingly better able to distinguish between artificial and natural signals of genuine quality websites.

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, Google in particular is becoming smarter and smarter. Since 2015, Google’s “RankBrain” has been constantly learning and trying to recognize and understand correlations. Because with the arrival of voice assistants in living rooms, it is becoming increasingly important for Google to answer questions instead of just presenting a list of web pages.

For example, the database that Google uses is no longer limited to the backlinks of a website and its content, but now includes a variety of independent signals and factors in the calculation of the ranking. These include structured data as well as brand and user signals.

User signals as a ranking factor
Although the marketing discipline of SEO is called “search engine optimization” in its long form, all optimization decisions should be based first and foremost on what is best for the human visitors to your website. After all, they are the true consumers of your content and only use search engines to locate it.

If you focus too much on being at the top of the organic search results without delivering the desired result to the visitor and satisfying their actual need, there will be no positive search experience and therefore no sustainable added value for the search engine to continue listing your website. Google therefore specifically includes key figures such as the return-to-SERP rate or the dwell time in the ranking.

Search engine optimization is all about improving the visibility of your website in search engines, but the overriding goal must always be to attract converting users to your website. A decision for the user is always a decision for more relevance in the search results in the long term, out of Google’s own interest.

The golden path in SEO
The five most important factors that must be optimally intertwined for successful SEO are:

  1. Branding – Correct positioning and building of a real brand
  2. Strategy – Demand-oriented information architecture
  3. Content – High-quality content with target-group-specific appeal
  4. Technology – High-quality content with a target-group-specific approach
  5. User – Ease of use and focus on the needs of the user

The technology is the basis of everything. Without a clean indexing no optimal ranking can take place. Building on this is the content, which must be unique on the web and offer the user clear added value.

The strategy behind this determines how the content is organized, which pages fit which search queries or needs, and how these become known on the net if possible. The whole thing is garnished by the (digital) brand awareness, which ensures that the search engine classifies the own content as trustworthy and relevant.

The right SEO strategy for your business
Just as there are hundreds of different content management systems and no one can claim that one single variant is right for all of them, there are also countless strategies and approaches to the topic of search engine optimization. First and foremost, the choice of strategy depends on one’s own goals, capabilities, resources, but also constraints.

A global company with a six-figure monthly budget can, of course, implement completely different measures than a sole proprietor who has just started a niche store and still takes care of the packaging and invoicing himself. The choice of strategy is very individual and should be made with as much information about your business as possible as well as a lot of experience.

However, if you look at the influencing factors of the search engines, the necessary steps are often the same for all websites. Only the individual design is different due to the requirements and possibilities of the company.


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