RIP Press Release – Part 3: Targeted and Active Content Distribution

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Part 3: Targeted and active distribution of content

Part 2 of our webinar series “RIP Press Release – Distributing Content Online” was dedicated to the efficient creation of a content marketing campaign. But the best content is useless if no one knows about it. That’s why the focus of the 3rd part was on the targeted and active distribution of the content.

Contents of Part 3

In order for the content created to become known, it must be circulated. This is where the third part of the webinar series “Targeted and active distribution of content” comes in. We look at researching suitable websites, contacting people by phone and how companies can use experts and influencers as multipliers.

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The Speaker: Linda Hartung

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Linda Hartung
Linda Hartung

Outreach Expert

Linda Hartung is an Outreach Expert at eology and has many years of experience in content outreach. She has already implemented numerous content marketing campaigns and assisted in their creation. Her clients come from Germany, but also from Europe, which is why she manages various English-language projects.


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