Unique Content

What is unique content and why is it important?

Unique Content means “unique content” translated into German. This is exactly what constitutes unique content: it is unique, individually designed and qualitatively prepared for the search engine. Even texts that deal with the same topic can be unique content, as each person has his or her own writing style and presents facts in a different way.
Unique content has a positive effect on your SERPs. Google’s priority is to show the user the most relevant links and thus the most relevant content to his search query. With unique content you offer the user an added value, which leads to visit your website and read the searched information.

How you can create unique content

The creation of unique content is complex editorial work and should not be underestimated. Take your keyword research at hand at the beginning. You can already take important keywords from it, which you should integrate into your text. Then you have to think about which target group you want to address. The W-questions often help here. Then it’s time for the writing work. Always design your unique content in relation to the user of your website. What the user finds informative or perhaps even entertaining, usually pleases the Googlebot.

What effect does unique content have on the search engine relevance of a website?

A user visits your website primarily because of an intention he has. He wants to read something, buy something or get information about your company. He is looking for content that offers him added value. This content has of course been designed by you in a high quality. Through your uniquely written and designed content, you signal to the visitor of the website that you have dealt with the topic and know what you are reporting about. This creates trust, which also increases the dwell time the user spends on your site. This also has a positive effect on your ranking. With unique content, you can also score points with the following topics:

How is duplicate content created and why don’t search engines like it?

Duplicate content is created by simply copying text passages or even complete content. These are unchanged duplicates of the original text. Slightly modified texts can also lead to duplicate content, but are better known as near duplicate content.
In the context of SEO marketing, there is a constant attempt to avoid duplicates. If there are several pages with identical content, Google will evaluate this as webspam. This has a negative impact on the ranking of your website and can in the worst case lead to exclusion from the index, as it violates the Google Guidelines. Consequence: The users can no longer find your site via Google. However,
if you write and design
your texts yourself, you usually don’t have to worry about having duplicate content. So you don‘t have to check every text down to the smallest detail.

You still have concerns? There are a number of tools on the web that check your content for duplicate content. For example, you can use the following tools to check:


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