What is Linkjuice and is it important?

Linkjuice indicates the link strength of your internal and external links. It is often also referred to as link power. The linkjuice is a fictitious unit of measurement, which you can use to see how much energy your links pass on to your pages. This can be done, for example, in the form of information to the search engine. The linkjuice of your page gives information about the relevance of your page in view of your content and the hits. Especially in your onpage optimization you should not disregard your links, because they are an important ranking factor for search engine optimization.

How to use your linkjuice properly

The total number of links passed from a page and the quality of your links are two factors that affect link juice. The more internal links you place on a page, the less link power is passed on. So you should not set too many links. Also pay attention to the quality of your links and how they are distributed within your website. The link strength depends on which pages you link from. A link from your main page to a subpage will have more linkjuice than a link from a subpage to another subpage. You avoid the waste of linkjuice by excluding your pages that should not get any linkpower from crawling via the robot.txt file. You set the page to “nofollow“. This command gives Google the signal not to crawl the page in question. Sounds very complicated at first, but many CMS systems have implemented a solution for this in the backend. This costs you only one mouse click. But please always consider not to exclude your important pages.

What are the different types of linkjuice?

To strengthen your link power you have two types of linkjuice at your disposal:

Internal linking and external linking – which is better for your linkjuice?

If you set your internal links correctly, users and search engines can find content more easily. In addition, the time users spend on your site increases, which can also increase your conversion rate. By carefully placed internal links you navigate the visitor through your website. In addition, the crawling of your page is made easier for the Googlebot.
If, on the other hand, backlinks to or from your page are set with the signal “nofollow“, this does not help your linkjuice. If you use backlinks or another page links to your page, it should always fit to the topic of your page. With purchased external links your linkjuice often comes from less trustworthy sites. Also, the link to your site is probably one of many. This can have a negative effect on your ranking.

Other SEO features you should consider besides your linkjuice

A high linkjuice is unfortunately not sufficient for a good ranking of your page. In addition to good link building, you must consider other factors in the course of search engine optimization. So that the Googlebot can easily crawl your page, you should always maintain the metadata of your pages. In addition, the definition and integration of keywords in your texts can help you to achieve a better ranking. Also important is the traffic on your site and the bounce rate of your users, in case they don’t get the information they are looking for quickly enough.
A well-balanced mix of all factors will help you in your search engine optimization. The result is that your page is considered relevant in generic searches and ends up high in the search results.


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