Google Pay

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay – previously known as “Google Wallet” – is a free app that offers you a new way to pay for your purchases on the go. With Google Pay, you can pay quickly and conveniently with your smartphone, smartwatch or computer in grocery stores as well as in apps and online stores. Find out how it works and how secure this payment method is here.

How to set up Google Pay

To pay with Google Pay, you first need the Google Pay app. Android users can install it free of charge from Google Play. As an iPhone user, you can also find the app in the App Store – also free of charge.

You can install the Google Pay app on any Android or Apple smartphone and on any computer. If your smartphone is connected to a smartwatch, you can also use it to pay.

Once you have installed the app, you can add one or more credit or debit cards. You can add them either with the help of a photo of the corresponding card or by entering the data manually. You can find out which cards are compatible with Google Pay below. In the last step, you have to confirm your identity. Once all this is done, your app is activated, and you can use Google Pay.

The following banks are partners of Google Pay

If you have an account with one of the listed banks, you can link it to Google Pay. If your bank does not support Google Pay, you can also link your PayPal account to Google Pay. With this, you can pay free of charge, both at home and abroad.

Payment in shop

With Google Pay, you can pay free of charge in any shop that allows contactless payments. Therefore, look out for the following two symbols during the payment process:

Erforderliches NFC-Symbol für Google Pay Zahlungen
NFC icon (Source: Google)
Rundes Google Pay-Symbol das für eine kontaktlose Zahlung mit Google Pay erforderlich ist
Round Google Pay icon (Source: Google)

To pay contactless with Google Pay, your device must support NFC, which must be activated during the payment process. If the NFC of your smartphone or smartwatch is activated, you have to hold the back of your device against the card reader. For amounts under $28,9944, the device does not need to be unlocked for this. If a checkmark appears on your smartphone or smartwatch, your payment was successful and will be debited directly.

Payment online or in apps

When paying with Google Pay in online stores or apps, you should see the following two icons:

Google Pay Symbol (Source: Google)
Rundes Google Pay-Symbol das für eine kontaktlose Zahlung mit Google Pay erforderlich ist
Rundes Google Pay Symbol (Source: Google)

Google Pay security

Security plays a significant role, especially in mobile payment services. As far as Google Pay is concerned, however, there is no need to worry, because your data is encrypted during the payment process and your card number is not passed on to third parties. To deposit a card, you have to enter it in Google Pay. However, the card number is not disclosed to the merchant when you make a purchase. To protect your information, the merchant receives a virtual account number instead of the card number.

How to protect your Google Pay

Despite the high level of security already in place with Google Pay, there are other measures you can implement to protect your payment information:


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