Google Merchant Center

What is the Google Merchant Center?

The Google Merchant Center is a tool provided by the online service provider Google. It enables all merchants to organize and maintain their product information via the tool. This way, they can subsequently be published on Google or Google Shopping. Every retailer can manage their product information independently, but should also make sure to do so consistently. Only in this way can potential customers always be shown the latest status of the product, such as availability, price or delivery times.
Registration for the Google Merchant Center is free of charge for everyone. Only when you create campaigns for your products to advertise them, you should plan a budget for this.

What can you use the Google Merchant Center for?

The Google Merchant Center offers you many possibilities for the maintenance and marketing of your products. We have summarized the most important three points for you here:

Sell items

Product ads from the Google Merchant Center are currently available in over 90 countries. You can publish and market your products globally. The Merchant Center offers the possibility to define in which countries your products should be displayed. This way you can grow your business step by step or market it globally right away.

Promote actions

The Google Merchant Center can be connected directly to your Google Shopping account. This gives you the opportunity to set up promotions for your shopping ads via the Merchant Center. Here you also have the choice – you can focus on a specific selection of your products or promote all products.

Get better results with recommendations from the Merchant Center

Not only your product and business data can be kept up to date and organized via the Google Merchant Center. Similar to Google Analytics, it offers you evaluation options for your product data and campaigns. This gives you an overview and helpful tips on how you can make your product presence even better and more effective in order to get more clicks and a higher conversion rate.

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How can Google Merchant Center help you with search engine optimization?

Google Merchant Center plays no small role in search engine optimization once you start marketing your products online. With the help of the center, you can organize your product information and images accurately and completely, so that the Googlebot does not have to search for the data itself. This avoids errors in the presentation. In the long run, a well-maintained and constantly updated product feed leads to your products ranking high in the SERPs of Google Shopping and other Google services and thus being found more easily.

Other benefits for SEO when using Google Merchant Center include:

  1. Accurate and complete product information:
    By managing your product information yourself in the Merchant Center, you ensure that product description, price, availability, delivery times, etc. are always up-to-date and correct.

  2. Optimized images:
    Upload high-quality images of your products to the Merchant Center. This is the best way to present your products and boost sales.

  3. Higher visibility:
    By publishing your products on Google Merchant Center and, if applicable, on Google Shopping, you can generate higher visibility and better reach potential customers.

  4. Use of keywords:
    Of course, you can also create the appropriate keywords for your product in the Google Merchant Center itself. This helps Google to display your products in matching search queries.

Overall, Google Merchant can be a valuable tool for your SEO efforts. It helps you optimize the product information and images for your products, increase your visibility in search results and thus attract more potential customers to you and your products.

How did the Google Merchant Center come about?

Finally, a little history lesson for you 😉
Google Merchant Center originated as part of Google Shopping, Google’s online shopping service that allows consumers to search and compare products online. Google Shopping was first launched under the name “Froggle” and later renamed Google Product Search until it became Google Shopping today. Over time, of course, this service from Google has also evolved and now enjoys a high reach, more features and last but not least, the integrated Google Merchant Center.

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