Google Knowledge Panel

What is the Google Knowledge Panel?

Google Knowledge Panel is a tool developed by Google to provide users with more information about their search queries. It is a kind of “information box” on the right side of the search server, where relevant information about specific topics is displayed. In addition to general information, maps, images, videos and links to other websites can also be displayed. All this helps searchers to get a comprehensive picture of the topic they are looking for.

What information does the panel display?

Let’s assume you enter the term “eology” in your Google search. In the knowledge panel, you will see general information, the company’s address and social media accounts. You can also use the tool to quickly find out what products or services eology offers. Due to its ability to provide searchers with relevant information, the Knowledge Panel is a very handy tool for all types of users – from casual users to experts. It allows anyone to quickly find the answer to their question and learn more about the topic at the same time. To stay with our example, here is a small excerpt of the Google Knowledge Panel from “eology😉

The image shows the Google Knowledge Panel from eology.
Figure 1: Google Knowledge Panel from eology

How can the Google Knowledge Panel help you with SEO?

We would like to give you a few points here on how the panel can help you for your company:

  1. It helps companies improve their visibility
    The Knowledge Panel often appears in searches for companies or products. If your company name appears in the panel, it means that your company has good visibility in this search. This can help you drive more customers to your website and increase your conversion.

  2. It provides important information about your company
    The Knowledge Panel contains important information about your company such as its name, contact details, opening hours and website URL. This information is very useful for potential customers and can help users to choose your company.

  3. It helps you stand out from competitors
    In some cases, multiple knowledge panels appear in the SERPs when there are multiple companies that are relevant to a particular search query and keyword. In this case, having your panel appear on the SERP can help you stand out from your competitors and potentially drive more customers to your website.

  4. It offers the opportunity to increase engagement with social content
    The Knowledge Panel often contains links to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and co. If users click on these links and interact with the content on your pages (e.g. likes or shares), this can have a positive impact on your ranking in the SERPs. It can also help you gain more followers on your social media pages.

How can you create or edit the Knowledge Panel?

Editing the Google Knowledge Panel and keeping it constantly up to date is actually not that difficult and is kept quite simple. Google offers every company simple and free options to edit the Knowledge Panel. To update your Google Knowledge Panel, you first need to open a Google My Business account for your business. This account is used to add and edit information about your business such as address, phone number, hours of operation and more. Once the information is maintained, it will be automatically displayed in the Knowledge Panel.

There are several ways to edit an existing entry in the Google Knowledge Panel:

  1. Edit manually
    All you have to do is log in to your company account for Google My Business. Then you can add or edit all relevant information about the company and save the changes accordingly.
  2. Google My Business API
    This allows businesses to edit or update their Knowledge Panel directly on their website via a programmed interface. This is a very useful feature for companies that own large online business accounts and need to add or change new products on a regular basis.

Editing the Google Knowledge Panel is easy and free of charge. It offers your company the possibility to keep both customers and prospects always up to date.


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