Ad Impressions

What are ad impressions?

Ad impressions, also known as ad views, are the number of times an online ad is displayed. This is an important factor in online marketing as it allows companies to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

An example of ad impressions would be an online banner displayed on any website. Each time a user accesses the page and sees the banner, this counts as one ad impression. Companies can then track the number of ad impressions to see how often their ads are being displayed and how many people they are potentially reaching.

More examples of ad formats with ad impressions

In Google Ads, there are impressions on a search ad that appears in Google search results when someone types in a specific search query that is related to a keyword that has been booked in. Google Ads also offers the ability to display ads in other Google products such as YouTube or Google Maps.

A video ad, can be played on a platform like YouTube or TikTok. Each time the video is displayed, this counts as one ad impression.

In a social media campaign, for example, a Sponsored Post on a platform like Facebook or on Instagram can drive a Story Ad Impression. A company can create an ad and target it to a specific audience, such as people in a certain age group or with certain interests. Every time someone sees the ad in their newsfeed or stories, it counts as an ad impression.

Ad impressions are basically an important indicator of the reach of an advertising campaign and allow companies to assess the effectiveness of their advertising.

However, the number of ad impressions should ideally be used in conjunction with other metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost per click to further measure and optimize the effectiveness of the campaign.


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