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Of course, every website is unique, has different products or services, different target groups and therefore different goals. Nevertheless, we briefly outline our approaches to success here, which apply to most websites.

Sample Chapter

Planung von Paid Advertising-Kampagnen

If you want to be successful with paid advertising, you need to think carefully at the beginning about what the goals of the campaigns are and create a detailed plan.

Because the goals of advertising campaigns can be very different in different companies, these must be clarified at the beginning of every paid ads campaign. Based on this, strategy and actions can then be defined.


The world is not black and white. A company’s goals are just as complex as the world itself. They have different weights, look at different aspects of a campaign, and require specific approaches to achieve.

Ultimately, however, almost all companies pursue one main goal – to generate sales. Be it through contact inquiries or through direct sales in an online store. Even a job ad aims at more sales in the end, as production can be increased here, for example. But how is this end goal achieved and what are the individual steps that serve this purpose?

There are objectives that can be easily read off from fixed figures, e.g. the conversion number or the conversion value. However, these alone cannot capture all aspects of a campaign and offer only a limited view of the success or failure of advertising campaigns. As a rule, you need several objectives that have different weightings. These are divided into micro and macro conversions.

Macro conversions are conversions that are given a higher weighting. They directly serve the final goal, e.g. the sale of products or generation of leads. Micro conversions, on the other hand, are rather smaller actions that show some interaction with a website. These are used to find out if a target group has been chosen correctly or if the website fulfills the predetermined purpose. There are many different possibilities here, e.g. PDF download, newsletter registration, watching a product video, reading texts or the scroll depth.

A fixed value is always stored for these key figures. They can be measured and evaluated. You can thus recognize improvements or deteriorations and can then take measures to optimize the website or the campaign.

Other goals, on the other hand, are not tied to fixed numbers and cannot be measured so easily in individual campaigns. This is often the case when one’s own brand is to be strengthened. Here, there is no fixed value that clearly defines the awareness of a brand. However, there are some indicators that can also show changes: Impressions or clicks on a brand keyword in a search campaign, video views on YouTube, hits on the website, the search volume of the brand name or even an increase in referral pages linking to the company’s website. Strengthening a brand often takes a long time, so these values usually increase very slowly. In order to achieve success, long-term planning and intensive preparation are required.


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