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Our 30-page free whitepaper „Modern Linkmarketing for your SEO Success“ is full of expert tips. It is aimed at website operators and tells you how you can increase online reach with a modern link marketing campaign. Incl. strategy and action recommendations.

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With the knowledge gained from our whitepaper, you will be well prepared to start a seeding campaign. Furthermore, this whitepaper will introduce you to the basics of classic link marketing.

Sample Chapter

Finding cooperation partners for your campaign

Find partners and inspire them to cooperate

You now already know a few quotes as well as opinions from the industry and want to delve deeper into the topic. This is where we come in: We make sure that no questions are left unanswered and show you what is possible with link marketing.

Why should you concern yourself with link marketing and how do you find suitable websites with which you can enter into a cooperation? With all measures that are taken, you must always keep your target group in mind. Because the user is the focus and that should not be neglected in this case.

With our whitepaper in hand, you will learn on the following pages how not to be one of those who leave link marketing out of the equation. And now we’ll get straight into how you can successfully start your link marketing campaign and find suitable partners.

First of all, you should brainstorm ideas for your campaign. Put together all the topics that come to mind. Each topic should then be checked for several criteria:

Once you have decided on a topic, you can start researching suitable cooperation partners for your campaign. These are companies, organizations, associations or individuals who actively participate in the design and development and act as experts. It is important that they have great authority in the defined topic. Years of experience, a high profile and good qualifications should also be a given, as should a positive image and a likeable external image.

Once you have found your desired cooperation partners, it is time to work out the arguments that speak for a cooperation. Think in detail about how you can convince the potential partners.

Once your arguments have been worked out, you can start contacting them. It is important that you find the right contact person for your request. Otherwise you may not be successful, especially with large companies or organizations. Once you have found the right person, you can convince them with your arguments and, in the best case, enter into cooperation.


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