Content Strategy for your SEO Success

Our whitepaper “Content strategy for your SEO success” contains 40 pages of free expert tips. Learn what a content strategy should look like if you want to be successful in search engine optimization. We provide you with strategies and recommendations for action as well as a variety of checklists.

In this whitepaper you will learn what is important for the different types of content from an SEO & user perspective, you will get concrete recommendations and a step-by-step guide on how to build a keyword set. Last but not least, this whitepaper explains how to distribute content to achieve more reach.

Dr. Beatrice
, Head of Content Creation

Table of Contents

eology Content Strategy Whitepaper 2021

eology Content Strategy Whitepaper 2021

  • Why do you even need texts for your online presence?
  • Part I: Goals
  • Part II: Target group definition
  • Part III: Keyword research
  • Part IV: Editorial plan
  • Part V: Content creation
  • Part VI: Content types
  • Part VII: Online layout
  • Part VIII: Images and videos
  • Part IX: Distribution
  • Part X: The Monitoring
  • Closing words

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