Search Console reports simplified

07.07.2022 01 min

Google simplifies the Search Console reports and announces the implementation of the changes for all properties in the coming months. What this means for you and which changes are planned, we’ll tell you here!

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free service from Google that allows webmasters to manage their own search engine optimization (SEO). Thus, sitemaps can be submitted, backlinks can be tracked, crawl errors can be checked and the performance of the own website can be optimized across devices.

What are the changes for the user?

First of all, it is important to mention that only the presentation of the reports will change, i.e. Google will continue to crawl, index and play out your website as usual.

The previously known classification of reports according to the categories Valid, Warning and Error will be replaced by two general statuses. On the one hand all pages or URLs with critical problems (invalid) and on the other hand elements without critical problems (valid).

What is the goal behind the adjustment?

Due to the fact that currently it is often not clear from the user’s point of view whether there is already a need for action at the classification level Warning, Google aims with the update to offer the user more clarity in the interpretation of the reports. Accordingly, the adjustment of the classification options in the Google Search Console reports should have a positive effect on the activity with the tool. In particular, Google intends it to provide users with a better way of prioritizing their work. Thus, with the help of Search Console, you will be able to find out very fast whether there are critical problems that affect the appearance of your website on the search engine results pages and thus recognize the need for action more quickly.

You should definitely keep this in mind!

The planned updates will also affect the URL checking tool in Search Console once the element classification has been fully changed. This can lead to challenges in comparing data from the UI or API (Application Programming Interface). Stay up to date and follow all planned updates to Google Search Console here.

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