TikTok Creative AI: New Creative Assistant optimises your content

20.06.202401 min

TikTok is making great strides in the world of artificial intelligence. With a new tool, TikTok Creative AI, the app is making work easier for many companies, brands and content creators. The keyword is already hidden in the name: Creative Assistant. An AI-controlled assistant that supports the creative phase of content creation and implementation while simultaneously analysing new trends.

Figure 1: Areas of application for TikTok Creative AI
Source: TikTok

What used to be a complex, time-consuming and time-consuming process is now supposed to work quite simply using a virtual helper. This assistant can access the broad data network in the TikTok world and display keywords, images and videos that provide inspiration and create content to match your own brand. The assistant is currently available in German, English, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

Similar to the long-established tool ChatGPT, TikTok can also use its tool to independently create texts tailored to target groups and environments or provide ideas for brand names, keywords and more. The almost 1.6 billion TikTok users worldwide can look forward to even more creative content and optimised texts in the future and every content creator can look forward to time and work saved.

You can use the TikToks Creative AI for this

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