Automatic subtitles for videos: Instagram launches new feature!

04.03.2022 03 min

Instagram has been testing the automatic generation of captions in different video formats for some time now. Instagram’s users and influencers in selected countries have been able to use the captions sticker in their Stories since May 2021. Since summer 2021, automatic subtitles for other video formats have also been tested in English-speaking countries. Now, the long-awaited caption feature is also coming for feed videos in German-speaking countries.

Why is the subtitle feature worthwhile and what advantages does it bring?

The new feature has two main advantages: On the one hand, accessibility is to be strengthened, and more consideration is to be given to the deaf or people with hearing impairments. On the other hand, Instagram is responding to the trend that has been emerging for some time, namely that videos are often watched without sound. This is because users often use the app alongside other activities or use it in places where the sound cannot be turned on. Subtitles nevertheless communicate the video’s information to the user, which can generate greater attention for the video.

For which video formats does Instagram support subtitles? And how do you set them up?

There are currently four video formats on Instagram – and you can now add English subtitles to three of them. We’ll explain how this works here:

Instagram StoriesYes, but only in selected countries and via the caption sticker
ReelsYes, possible via the new Auto Captions function
Feed VideosYes, possible via the new Auto Captions function
Live VideosNo, not yet possible

In order to use Auto Captions, you as the creator of the video must activate the subtitle function. You can do this via the advanced settings. There you will find the item “Show subtitles” under accessibility. Instagram’s AI algorithm will then automatically add the captions to your videos.

Here, you can adjust the settings to enable automatic subtitles

What advantages does this new feature bring you?

First and foremost, of course, is the reduction of workload. You save yourself the time of typing out what is said in the video. Nevertheless, you can perfectly pick up users who can’t or don’t want to use their audio. This additionally increases engagement with your content, which in turn can also increase views. Especially for professional content creators, the new feature should bring some positive effects.

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