eology is Google Premium Partner again

09.02.2022 03 min

Those who belong to the top 3% of Google Partners achieve Premium status. This not only shows a special strategic partnership between Google and the respective company, but also that the company is one of the leaders in its industry. In 2022, we will achieve this status again and are very proud to continue our close partnership with Google successfully this year.

What is the Premium Partner Program?

Premium Partner status is determined on an annual basis. Google considers various factors in the process:

The premium status then results in various advantages for the awarded company and thus also for its customer base.

What are the advantages of being a Premium Partner?

The benefits from the partner program vary. The following are particularly important:

What does the status mean for our customers?

Google once again certifies eology’s ads specialists with premium status. This shows not only the many years of experience of our paid advertising experts, but also their commitment to trends and customer needs. In addition, the premium status indicates a broad knowledge of various forms of advertising. We therefore demonstrably meet all Google standards and are always available to our customers with expert knowledge of search engine advertising in word and deed. Thanks to direct contact with Google, questions are answered quickly, and our professionals always keep up with the latest developments. In this way, eology customers receive effective advertising and target group-specific campaigns everywhere in the Google advertising network.

Lara Meyer hat ihr Bachelorstudium der Betriebswirtschaft, Schwerpunkt Betriebswirtschaft der Medien, an der FH in Würzburg abgeschlossen. Als Teil des eology-Marketing-Teams kümmert sie sich um die Verbreitung des gesammelten eology-Wissens, indem sie ihr Know-how in Magazinen, Blogs und Zeitschriften teilt.


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