End of Corona break brings back the Google Partner!

14.06.202103 min

Last year, many Google partners were unable to achieve the necessary goals to obtain the Google Premium Partner Logo because of Corona. That’s why the program was suspended indefinitely. Now it’s back and the new logo is surprisingly coming even this month. We’re more than happy that we will soon receive it again, too!

The old Google Partner Logo
The new logo, which is used by partners from June 2021

Companies or organizations that have registered to participate in the Google Partner Program are called Google Partners. This helps build a stronger partnership. In doing so, the logo symbolizes to (potential) customers that your company is recognized for:

As a Google Partner, companies also benefit from several advantages. The biggest is that exclusive product training is offered by Google. Starting February 2022, a new partner program will come into effect. However, all companies that have already met the new requirements to date will receive the new Google Partner logo as early as June 2021.


What changes from this month?

For now, nothing major. Companies that already meet the requirements will keep their old logo for now until the new one comes out this month. They may then continue to wear it until the new partner program launches in February 2022.

How can you prepare your business for the new Google Partner Program 2022? What are the requirements?

From February 2022, companies will have to comply with the new requirements. That’s why you can start preparing now, so you won’t be faced with a fait accompli next year. If you want to become a Premium Partner, you also have to be among the top three percent of participating companies in the respective country. To be prepared now, here are the requirements you will have to meet starting next February:

PERFORMANCEGoogle Ads management accounts registered for the Partner Program must have at least a 70% optimization factor. Since this tells how much the account is being used to its maximum potential, it gives an indication of how effectively the account is set up and managed. Conclusions can be drawn about how well customers’ goals are taken into account.
EXPENSESThe Google Ads management account registered for the program must have a minimum advertising budget of $10,000 within a 90-day period.
CERTIFICATIONAt least half of all employees managing the administrative account must be certified for Google Ads. The maximum limit here is 100 users. In addition, there must be at least one certification for each product area.

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