Google Helpful Content Update September 2023

09.10.202301 min

The Google Helpful Content Update in September shows far-reaching effects on the visibility and ranking of websites in search results. The update aimed to improve the quality of search results for users by penalising websites with low-quality content and excessive advertising.

A key focus is the quality rating of content. Websites that provide content of high quality and relevance are ranked higher in search results. This reflects Google’s efforts to provide users with trustworthy information and to curb the spread of misleading or low-quality content.

Key factors (E-E-A-T) that are considered when ranking content include:

Website operators should be aware that the quality of content and the user experience are becoming increasingly important in order to be successful in search results. With this update, Google is once again setting an example for high-quality and informative content in the digital space. 💡

Olga Fedukov completed her studies in Media Management at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg. In eology's marketing team, she is responsible for the comprehensive promotion of the agency across various channels. Furthermore, she takes charge of planning and coordinating the content section on the website as well as eology's webinars.


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