How to use YouTube marketing wisely

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YouTube marketing is a great way to attract more customers – but only if you do it right! Whether for product information or company presentations – with YouTube marketing you can score points all along the line. We explain to you how it works!

Definition – What is YouTube Marketing?
How does YouTube Marketing work?
How can YouTube Marketing help your business?
How do you create your YouTube account?
How do you create a professional video?
How can you get visibility for your YouTube channel?
How does YouTube SEO work?
Our conclusion

Definition – What is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube marketing is a form of online marketing that companies use to promote their products and services on the world’s largest video platform. With over 1.9 billion monthly active users, YouTube is an incredibly powerful marketing platform for businesses of all sizes. The platform offers your business the opportunity to share your brand with a wide audience and attract potential customers through engaging videos. YouTube marketing can be used in many ways to achieve business goals. It can be used to promote products and services, increase sales, strengthen customer loyalty, or even attract new customers.

How does YouTube work?

YouTube is a video search engine that recommends videos based on what users are watching. You can use it to search for something specific, like a song of just browse around. On the home screen, there are three main categories: Explore, Discover and Continue watching. Each category has its own rating system. The Home screen and the View Next category each have their own ranking model. For example, the Home page uses a combination of factors, such as how often someone watches a video, how long they watch it, and whether they like it. The “Watch Next” category, on the other hand, relies mainly on user signals, i.e. interactions such as comments and likes.

How can YouTube marketing help your business?

The online platform YouTube plays a unique role in marketing today. With a monthly user base of over one billion, it is now the largest video portal. At the same time, it is the second largest search provider in the world after Google. That’s right, YouTube also counts as a search engine.
 Every day, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube alone – that’s about 3,600 videos per hour. In contrast, just three years ago, only 50 million videos were uploaded per month. In short, YouTube is becoming increasingly important for businesses. More than ever before, companies are using YouTube to promote themselves and their products. They use the platform to address potential customers, inform existing customers and strengthen brand awareness. YouTube does everything it can to ensure that users don’t miss out on any of the latest trends. The platform offers a number of tools and features specifically designed to improve your visibility on the site. From paid advertising to live broadcasts, from social media integration to analytics, from product recommendations to influencer marketing, YouTube can help you and your business achieve your goals efficiently and sustainably.

How do you create your YouTube account?

If you don’t have a YouTube account for your business yet, you can create one yourself in just a few steps. In principle, a YouTube channel is free of charge. To create your own channel, you need a Google account.

Your YouTube channel is irrevocably bound to this Google Account and cannot be changed afterwards. So be sure to use your company Google Account.

With your created or already existing Google Account, you now log in to YouTube. This will make you the channel owner and at the first moment you will be the only person who can edit this channel. Later you can add other people as administrators to the account.

To lay the foundation for your YouTube channel, you should still make some settings:

1. your icon & your header image

Your icon is your channel icon. Here it is recommended to upload your logo or signet.
YouTube recommends a format of 800 x 800 pixels.

The header image needs a larger format, the principle should be familiar to you from social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Xing. YouTube suggests a size of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Design your header image in your corporate design. This is the only way to create a recognition value for your company and your products and services for the users.

2. the channel description

Of course, in the next step you should tell your users and interested parties what your YouTube channel is about. In addition, the channel description is also important for the YouTube algorithm. You provide context and relevance in writing and can use the right keywords to signal to YouTube which users you should be suggested to. In
addition, you have the possibility to set further links in the channel description. For example:

In our case, the implementation then looks like this:

The image shows the channel info using eology's YouTube channel as an example.
Figure 1: Icon, header & channel description using the example of eology

3. the channel trailer

It is important to know in advance that the channel trailer of your YouTube channel is only displayed to users who have not yet subscribed to you. All users who already follow you on YouTube will not see this trailer.
The trailer appears on the overview page of your channel and runs automatically. In this trailer, you can make the users tasty, why it is worthwhile to follow you on YouTube. The video should not be too long, so we advise you to follow the guiding principle “brevity is the spice of life” 😉Your channel trailer should not be longer than 90 seconds. Bring your USP in this time to the point and what benefit the user has from becoming a subscriber with you.

The image shows the channel trailer of eology in the overview of the YouTube channel.
Figure 2: YouTube channel trailer using the example of eology

If you have followed these steps, you have successfully laid the foundation for your YouTube Channel.

How do you create a professional video?

If you have little to no experience with creating videos, we would like to give you a few tips:

  1. The tripod
    There are already tripods for smartphones for little money. So your picture is always stable and not blurred
  2. The illumination
    Good illumination enables you to achieve high image quality. On YouTube, almost 70% of the videos are now in HD.
  3. Perspective
    You can record your video from multiple perspectives and then edit them together. This makes it more interesting for the user.
  4. Landscape format
    Very important!!! For longer YouTube videos such as tutorials, you should definitely use the landscape format.
  5. Shorts
    What you know from Facebook and Instagram as Reels, is called Shorts on YouTube. This format is relatively new. Here you can post your produced videos from other social networks as well. Portrait format also works with the shorts 😉
  6. Mobile devices
    Always keep in mind that your content is optimized for mobile devices. More than half of all traffic now comes from smartphones or tablets. (Source: statista)
  7. Your Storyboard
    Create a script for your videos, which you then implement. This will help you work efficiently and not get lost in small details.
  8. Better more than too little
    Shoote always a little more material, because you can always shorten or cut it afterwards. But setting up your setup in exactly the same way again in order to film something afterwards might be more difficult.
  9. The video at a glance
    Give the user an overview of what to expect right at the beginning of the video. Show him clearly what added value it has for him to watch your clip.
  10. Goals
    Of course, you should first be clear about what goals you are pursuing with your video. Be aware of what you want the content to achieve and what metrics you want to use to measure your contribution.
  11. Organize YouTube video playlist
    By suggesting more of your clips to the user right after your video, you automatically generate longer playback times on your channel.

How can you get visibility for your YouTube channel?

For many channel subscriptions, which bring you a higher reach, we have already shown you that there are some screws to turn. In order to constantly gain reach, you should use your video in your marketing mix. Promote your YouTube videos on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing. You can also include it in a customer newsletter or on a blog on your own company website.
Furthermore, you should interact on YouTube. Follow other channels and comment on their videos and make compliments. A resulting dialogue, which makes users aware of you, would be the absolute ideal case. Of course, you should also communicate with users on your own channel. Respond to comments, questions and likes.
Another point to get more reach is the fact that you should talk to your audience. Create a concrete address in your videos, involve the user in your video and invite them to comment, like or share your video.

How does YouTube SEO work?

Right at the beginning it can be said that YouTube SEO is not really comparable with Google SEO. The algorithm of YouTube is clearly designed for recommendations and has less the character of a search engine, like Google. If your video is well received by users, YouTube will rank it well. While Google also requires a constant optimization process from you in the background, YouTube is a little easier to maintain. Your success depends directly on how well your videos are received. Thus, the first weeks after the release of your video are essential for YouTube. If you get a lot of clicks and interactions, your video will be considered relevant.
 Your knowledge from Google about keywords will not help you 1:1 on YouTube. You can certainly include your main keywords, these are also important for YouTube to be able to include your channel for search queries. However, these keywords belong on YouTube only in the video title, the video description and the channel info. Otherwise you should refrain from using them.

Learn more about YouTube SEO in our article here!

Our conclusion

YouTube marketing can help you and your business with simple means to market your products and services. Creating a YouTube account is free, making it a popular tool in the marketing mix. When creating videos, you will have to invest some time in the beginning, but with a little practice it can become your routine and go easily from your hand. Keep an eye on the trends and your competitors to avoid losing reach.
And now – let’s go! On to your own successful YouTube channel 😊


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