What is a webinar?

Training courses, advanced training and continuing education that take place explicitly via the Internet are called webinars. The term itself is composed of the words web and seminar. However, the definition of a webinar does not necessarily include the transmission of a video. It can likewise be a pure audio file. The most relevant feature of this form of training is the fact that it is transmitted digitally. It is not necessary to be present in person. The prerequisite for the execution as well as the viewing is a stable internet connection.

The procedure of a webinar

Participation in a webinar takes place via registration. As a rule, interested parties must register and are then sent both the contact data and the corresponding link to the webinar via e-mail. They log in via this URL. The information is transmitted to the screen at a specified time. In order to visualize the contents of the webinar, the moderator shares his screen with the participants. It has proven useful to give participants the opportunity for questions, which can be answered directly in the live chat. Depending on the platform or software used, it is possible to record the webinar. After your broadcast, you can provide the participants with the recording and additional material. However, the latter is optional.

For what kind of presentations does a webinar make sense?

The application possibilities of a webinar are manifold. As soon as there is a need to provide the same content to a larger target group, a webinar is an ideal solution due to the low effort required. A dedicated webinar is suitable for both internal and external information transfer. Common areas of application would be, for example:

Webinars are very important in marketing because you can use them to generate leads. In this case, the live broadcast not only serves as a product presentation, but also helps you to increase your brand awareness and to get in touch with your target group.

Prerequisite for a webinar

You don’t need a lot of technical equipment to create a webinar. The basics include:

Which software is suitable for your webinar?

To record an on-demand webinar or broadcast a live webinar, you need software. You should not choose this software lightly. Especially if you use webinars for marketing purposes or as passive income, a professional appearance is indispensable.

These factors play a role in the selection:

1. the price
Make sure you get the right price-performance ratio. There are many webinar tools on the market, but not all of them will meet your needs. For example, Google Hangouts would be an option to create your webinar for free. However, providers with different pricing models have the advantage of offering significantly more features. It is recommended to use trial periods to get familiar with the scope.

2. usability
An intuitive user interface should be available. This enables easy usability regardless of your own technical know-how. This aspect is not only relevant for you as a provider, but also for the participants. The more self-explanatory the operation, the more customer-friendly the software.

3. functions
These depend on your needs. If you want interaction with the participants during the webinar, a live chat or the use of call-to-actions makes sense. Be aware that the range of functions is not the same for all software. Often it depends on the respective price model.

4. security and data protection
In the context of the GDPR, you should check in advance which encryption protocols the software has and whether it enables a GDPR-compliant transmission.

5. number of participants
Some tools limit the number of participants. However, if you want to reach a large audience, customization is essential. Therefore, pay close attention to how many users can participate in your webinar.

What are the advantages of webinars?

Considering the wide range of possible applications, there are many advantages for webinar users:

Webinars as a marketing tool

Webinars are becoming increasingly important in marketing. They help companies showcase their expertise and enhance their reputation. For this reason, many companies offer free webinars that customers and other interested parties can attend. If participants feel well informed, there is a high chance that they will network with the speaker and even purchase services from the company.

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