User Interface

What is the user interface and what is the user interface design?

User Interface

User interface, also called UI for short, is the interface for operating and controlling software. It represents an consolidation between the user and the machine. In the optimal case it is intuitively operable. This means that you should design the operator interface for your website visitors in such a way that they can operate it effectively and without much prior knowledge.

User Interface Design

User interface design, or UI design for short, focuses on all the design areas of the user surface that your user is confronted with. The information you want to give him must be easily comprehensible and understandable for him. A well-structured UI design helps you to achieve this. When developing your user interface design, you should consider with what intention your visitor comes to your website and how you can bring him to his goal the fastest.

Is the UI important for my website?

Your UI can indirectly influence the success of your site in the SERPs, although it is not directly related to SEO. The Googlebot measures factors such as bounce rate, dwell time and your conversion rate. The easier you make it for your user to navigate your website, the happier they will be. So you should make sure that your UI is easy to use for your customer and that your UX design makes visiting your website an experience.

What is the difference between user interface design and user experience design?

Your UI design includes the graphical elements of the user interface. Your user should be able to interact smoothly with your website.
Your user experience design ensures the experience and fun of using your website. The UX often takes into account the learned behavior of your visitors. For example, having your logo on the top left of your website and your menu on the top right.
Both design areas go hand in hand with each other and influence each other. A working UI design and an appealing user experience design will make your website a success.

What are the different types of UI?

Due to our technological progress and the fact that there is a computer in almost every household, different types of operator interfaces have been developed.


Command Line Interface (CLI)  

Command input via command line

Comes from the early days of computers
Computers could not load a graphical user interface

Voice User
Interface (VUI)

User surface is controlled by voice

Voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri or S-Voice.
Voice recognition
Conversion of spoken words into text

Text User
Interface (TUI)

Application interface via text mode

Installation of operating systems
Setup of programs
max. 256 characters of a character set 

Graphical User Interface (GUI)  

UI is displayed graphically.
Clicking with the mouse on menus or icons performs actions

many programs in everyday life
The role model is the real world:
Recycle bin = delete data
Folder = store data virtually

Natural User Interface (NUI)  

Operator interface is as intuitive and natural as possible.
The application is done by movement, touch or speech.

Voice inputs


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