Organic Traffic

What does traffic mean?

Traffic is the term used to describe data traffic on the internet. Strictly speaking, it is the access of a user to a website or an online store. The so-called organic traffic defines exclusively the user flow from search engines or backlinks. The visitor thus comes to your site via the SERPs (search engine results page) or through links from other websites. Paid traffic, i.e. access to your website via paid ads, is thus excluded from organic traffic.

SERPs with paid and organic traffic
SERPs with paid and organic traffic

Why is organic traffic so important?

By getting a lot of traffic to your website, you create an important indicator for search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. The search engine algorithm notices the many page views and thus also your high-quality content. This will gradually give your website a better ranking in the SERPs, making your content accessible to more users. The goal of search engines is to offer users what they are looking for. And it is exactly this information that you should provide to the search engine and ultimately to the user to get more traffic to your site. You can achieve this through targeted search engine optimization (SEO).

What does traffic have to do with SEO?

In short, SEO is about bringing high-quality content with relevant keywords to your site. From a technical point of view, your site must function properly so that the user can surf there for a long time. So, among other things, short loading times, a mobile adaptation and a functioning tracking should be ensured. Last but not least, SEO also deals with the area of structural adaptation. Meta description, page architecture and the internal links must be maintained carefully in order to provide the user with the highest possible comfort. If your website is on a flawless level in the area of search engine optimization, nothing should stand in the way of a high user flow.

How can you increase your traffic?

Besides proper search engine optimization, there are other ways to increase traffic to your site. As already mentioned, building backlinks is a good option. Backlinks have been struggling with a difficult image since the Google Penguin update, as non-naturally built (i.e. purchased) backlinks have been penalized. Thus, purchased backlinks have hurt a website more than they have helped it. Natural links, for example, from blogs or on social media, on the other hand, stimulate user flow. Newsletters with interesting content or new products can also attract visitors to the site. Another way to increase traffic is through paid ads. Here you can distinguish between search, display, app, video and social media ads.


All the above measures should go hand in hand for steady and successful traffic. Optimize your site as much as possible, because the more users you have on your site, the higher the probability that a visitor will become a paying customer.


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