What you should know about the new Google Ads Editor V 1.5

21.12.2020 04 min

You may already know it: Google Ads Editor – a downloadable application where you can manage your Google Ads campaigns. Advertisers often use it because they find it more efficient to manage their ads in the editor instead of using the web interface. So far so good. But now Google announced an update and this new version promises a lot!

What are the new features of Google Ads Editor V 1.5?

In addition to new ad strength tools plus supports for additional recommendations and image extensions, there is a whole list of new features that further improve working with the Google Ads Editor. These include:

Google elaborates on each feature here and explains what it’s all about. You’ll get it all summarized in our news.

Why is this version so interesting?

If you already use Google Ads or one of the previously mentioned features in the web interface, your work will be made easier by the Google Ads Editor V1.5. The new tools will help you to work more efficiently and the additional recommendations will help you to get the most out of your ads.

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