Google will stop supporting third party cookies at the end of 2024

03.08.202201 min

What are Google’s plans for third-party cookies?

Originally, search engine giant Google planned to end support for third-party cookies in Chrome in early 2020, but this has now been moved to 2024. So, with the extension of support until the end of 2024, we are still at least two years away from replacing invasive data like fingerprints and user information about online behavior with Google’s Privacy Sandbox.
To ensure that Google’s solutions, as well as ending support for third-party cookies, meet both privacy and competitive standards in the digital sphere, Google has placed pending developments under regulatory oversight. Specifically, the company has committed to seek approval from the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as it continues to develop the Privacy Sandbox. These commitments are binding and are specifically intended to address competition concerns.

Balancing privacy and industry development

To balance privacy and industry development, Google is currently testing a number of new application programming interfaces (APIs). Before Google rolls out the APIs to all users in the third quarter of 2023, millions of users and developers now have the opportunity to try out the Privacy Sandbox in advance. Here you can find more information about the Privacy Sandbox.

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