Google is testing Quick Read Label in SERPs

01.09.2022 01 min

Google is testing a brand new feature within its search engine that shows users whether an article is quick to read or not. The Quick Read Label appears directly under the description in the SERPs and marks articles that have a reading time of less than 5 minutes. So perhaps the length of the content could soon have an influence on the CTR.

Test phase has begun

The tweet from SEO consultant Brodie Clark shows that the test has already begun. There he reports that he has discovered different variations of the Quick Read link. A blue clock symbol with black text, a gray clock symbol with gray text or the word “Quick Read” displayed in capital letters. The reference “<5 Min Read” was also displayed in gray and blue on the results pages. Whether Google intends different uses here is not yet entirely clear.

Source: Twitter Brodie Clark (@brodieseo)

What is Google up to with the Quick Read Label?

One thing is clear – the goal is to promote short content in the search engine. What exactly the necessary criteria will be is still unclear, but the number of words seems to play a decisive role.

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