Custom GPT from OpenAI – Do you use this extension?

28.05.202401 min

Custom GPTs are customised versions of ChatGPT that are created for specific tasks & requirements. Already created some?

OpenAI released the Custom GPTs some time ago. These developments allow users to create and personalise their own GPTs. These features offer a number of advantages over the previous Custom Instructions and enable a wider range of uses.

What are custom GPTs?

Custom GPTs are customised versions of ChatGPT that can be developed specifically for certain tasks and requirements. Unlike the previous Custom Instructions, which allowed users to set basic guidelines for interacting with ChatGPT, Custom GPTs offer deeper and more versatile customisation. Users can not only set instructions and rules, but also define specific actions and integrate external data sources.

Custom GPT chat window
Custom GPT chat window

Advantages of Custom GPTs over Custom Instructions

  1. Extended personalisation: Custom GPTs enable more extensive customisation to specific needs and requirements. Users can integrate their own APIs and thus significantly expand the range of functions.
  2. Better integration: Custom GPTs can be connected to external databases and applications, enabling seamless integration into existing business processes. This is particularly useful for companies that require customised solutions for their specific workflows.
  3. Increased flexibility: With the ability to define specific actions, custom GPTs can automate and optimise a variety of tasks. This ranges from processing customer enquiries to supporting the creative design process.

TIP: For example, we use a custom GPT to create our eo:magazine articles. The GPT takes into account our writing style, word count, structures and much more. Of course, the article still has to be checked and adapted by a real person, but we can save a lot of time with the custom GPT. If you need support with AI / AI-related topics, just send us a message 😉

Areas of application for custom GPTs

Custom GPTs are used in numerous areas and offer many advantages:

  1. Enterprise applications: Organisations use internal GPTs to create marketing materials, support customer service and onboard new employees. These internal GPTs are secure and can be implemented without programming knowledge.
  2. Productivity and automation: Custom GPTs such as GPT Finder offer personalised digital assistance tailored specifically to the needs of users, helping to automate and streamline productive tasks.
  3. Creative processes: Tools such as DesignerGPT support designers in creating and optimising visual content by simplifying complex design processes and providing creative inspiration.
  4. SEO and marketing: GPTs such as SEO Goat and Market Analyst offer valuable insights into search engine optimisation and content strategies that help companies improve their online visibility and develop targeted marketing measures.

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