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Based on years of cooperation in the field of SEO, we were once again able to support in increasing its stagnating visibility and performance in organic searches by means of a targeted SEO offensive and at the same time asserting itself against the constantly growing competition.


  • is prominently represented in the search results for all relevant keywords relating to core topics such as accounting and invoicing.
  • Top ranking positions and optimized snippets increase the click-through rate and thus the traffic on the domain.
  • Informative, structured and attractively presented content ensures a positive user experience, sustainable positive brand development and additional conversions.

The existing content and an excellent link profile provided a solid basis for achieving the desired goals. Targeted competitor and SERP analyses were used to identify additional, previously untapped keyword potential and suitable content formats to serve them. Technical SEO analyses carried out as part of the consultation ensured the smooth crawlability and indexability of all important content. With the support of our Content Creation and Content Outreach departments, numerous new pages were created/revised in a very short time and helpful backlinks were gained to accelerate their indexing and increase their relevance.

Success story


+ 226 % of the domain visibility

The SEO optimizations more than doubled the domain visibility and gained over +10 visibility points.

+32,58 % clicks

Although there was already a lot of valuable content with good positions, the domain’s organic traffic was significantly increased by the optimization offensive and achieved an increase of almost +33%. Impressions were also increased by 52.37%.

+ 6.505 rankings on position 1

Thanks to the optimized pages, not only 26,865 new top 10 rankings were generated, but also + 6,505 search queries were promoted to the 1st position of the Google search results. Of these, a full +2,570 keywords were able to position themselves directly as new entries in the top position 1 of the SERPs.

Let’s go


Visibility increase through offensive strategie

Using GAP and SERP analyses, we were able to identify untapped keyword potential with high search volumes and determine the appropriate content format to serve them. After clustering and mapping the identified keywords, we created hundreds of new pages and optimized the content of existing posts. In addition to optimizing the keyword focus, the page structure and layout were also adapted to improve the user experience. Depending on the search intent, elements such as tables, step-by-step instructions and videos were also added to the posts.

Migration lexrocket & lexfree brands to

The two domains and were to be dissolved. In the course of this, we carried out a content analysis and organization of the content according to topic and relevance and, based on this, created a migration concept in which it was determined which content could be transferred, revised and discarded and where the transferred content should be located on the new domain. A professional concept for redirecting the URLs ensured a smooth migration.

Link marketing campaigns

The newly created and revised content was constantly supported by new backlinks, which were obtained through outreach campaigns and seeding. Content usually took less than a day to be crawled and indexed. A lot of content also went straight to page 1 of the search results for relevant keywords (presumably also due to the high domain authority).

Technical SEO analysis

In addition to content optimization, constant technical monitoring was carried out, starting with a comprehensive SEO audit. In the course of this, for example, unwanted crawling bottlenecks & exclusions, redundant content and error pages were identified and countermeasures initiated. By setting up technical monitoring, problems with the retrieval or crawling of the domain by users or search engines can be quickly identified and counteracted.

In order to keep up with Google’s regularly changing requirements, Joel and his team have become indispensable for us. They not only take care of important research work for us, but above all analyses, crawls and hygiene issues, ensuring the highest quality for our landing pages and websites at all times. Thanks to the quick response, flexibility, reliability and great expertise of SEO-eos, we can quickly find a solution to even the most difficult technical challenges.

Vanessa Häßig, Online Marketing Manager | Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG
Our customer


Lexware is a German provider of commercial software solutions aimed at the self-employed, freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The company was founded in 1989 in Freiburg im Breisgau and is part of the Haufe Group under the name Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG.

Lexware offers a wide range of solutions covering accounting, order processing, merchandise management and payroll accounting and aims to support SMEs, start-ups and those who want to become one.

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