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With the computer training courses and seminars offered, as-computer only has a limited keyword set. For this reason, a knowledge area around Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook) was created, which should also increase the SEO relevance of as-computer. This also picks up users at a very early stage of the user journey and possibly entices them to book a seminar. However, some existing posts were outdated and in addition, the keyword set around Microsoft Office was also quite saturated. The goal was therefore to further increase the performance of the knowledge area by updating older articles and further increasing the keyword set.

The existing knowledge topics around Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word have the potential to perform better again. The more current topics (including Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop) offer new potential to further expand the keyword set and increase SEO visibility. The entire knowledge area has a focus on solving real user problems and picking them up very early in the user journey. This would not be possible on the classic seminar site.

Success story


86.88% of domain visibility

The blog accounts for 86.88% of the total domain visibility. Thereby, the knowledge area also strengthens the seminar pages.

+87.83 % organic traffic

Although the blog already existed and was also maintained, the SEO performance could be further increased. Comparing the organic traffic of the months December up to and including February with the previous year, the traffic has increased by 87.83%.

242 position 1 rankings

Thanks to the SEO-optimized guide articles, very much top 10 rankings on Google could be generated. The knowledge section alone has 242 position 1 rankings, including strong keywords such as “Excel fix first row” and “timesheet Excel”.

Let’s go


Content audit of existing blog posts

To identify outdated posts with average performance, a content audit was made. During this, keyword changes of blog posts were sighted and the individual posts were enriched with performance data, such as impressions, clicks and CTR. Afterwards, a prioritization of the posts to be revised could be made.

Research of further topics with added value

To identify additional topics, user issues and questions around Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, as well as Microsoft Office 365, were brought into focus.
Once exciting topics had been researched, suitable keywords still had to be found. In addition to the Google Keyword Planner, various W-question tools were used for this purpose.

Subsequently, the keywords were prioritized according to organic search volume and main and secondary keywords were determined. With the help of Termlabs, a TF*IDF analysis was then performed and relevance-increasing keywords were added to the keyword set.

Content Creation & internal linking

Based on the keyword research, new landing pages are now created with SEO-optimized content that focuses on users’ problems and questions. The title and description are also optimized to ensure a good CTR. To guarantee good readability, this is rich content with tables, bulleted lists and images that present the topic being discussed in a comprehensible way. Within the content, matching blog posts are also linked. This strengthens the topics internally and highlights the keyword focus of the target pages through suitable link texts.

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