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Backlinks and a positive awareness in the web help in long-term ranking of your page. But getting free backlinks from strong websites is not that easy. We faced this challenge together with our customer Josera. Through a content marketing campaign and the corresponding active seeding of the created content, we managed to collect valuable links together.

The best backlinks, from the strongest websites, can definitely be generated via content marketing. The most important thing here is the choice of topic. The point here is that the topic appeals to as many people as possible, even if that means moving outside your own core topics and that the topic hasn’t already been covered dozens of times.

Success story


+ 88 % bei der Domain-Sichtbarkeit

The visibility of Josera has risen sharply, this is also due to seeding, but SEO measures were also implemented.

New top 10 rankings

The eBook generates new top 10 rankings for important keywords such as ” toxic bait guide ” (position 1), ” toxic bait ” (position 5), etc.

26% of total traffic via referral

Around 26% of the total traffic is generated via links. A part of these links is generated by the seeding campaign.

Let’s go



In order for the distribution of content, i.e. seeding, and the collection of backlinks to work well later on, it is important that the content created is unique and of high quality. Before that, however, an exciting topic must first be found, which does not yet exist in the form and appeals to a broad target group. Because otherwise there are problems with seeding and the content is not linked. For this we have made a content marketing workshop at Josera, here it is about using creativity techniques such as brainstorming, brainwriting, etc. to find a suitable topic. When choosing a topic, it is important not to focus too much on your own target group, but at best to have personas of the customers available with their hobbies and interests, so that the topic can also move here.

With Josera the emotional and durably highly up-to-date topic “toxic bait” was selected and worked out as eBook, by which the topic is comprehensively treated. For the expertise, partners such as PETA, the dog trainer Holger Schüler and the veterinarian Rolf F. Herzel were taken on board.


Also important for seeding is the landing page. Here, the content should be briefly summarized and the experts listed. In addition, it is important for seeding that the eBook can be downloaded free of charge and without giving any data. Because otherwise the webmasters are usually not willing to set a link.


Now that you’ve worked on a hot, unique topic, all you have to do is let webmasters know about it (here it doesn’t matter if it’s an eBook, an infographic, a tool, etc.).

In order to organize the seeding, one uses at best a project management tool, in which each participant gets his task assigned and everyone knows his tasks.

  • Collect link sources: Research potential link givers through Google Alerts, Google Search, Sistrix, ahrefs, etc.
  • Evaluate link providers: Review potential link providers to ensure high quality.
  • Link building: Contacting the webmasters, preferably by phone.
  • Link check: After online placement integration of the link check.
  • Linkmanagement: Monitoring of the built links (best via a link management tool).
  • Controlling: Checking whether traffic is also generated via the link.

Through the structured approach, the professional processing of the topic, as well as the cooperation with experts could be collected many very high-quality links.

From domains like PETA or even it is usually hardly possible to get links – unless you provide content that has added value. Another advantage of backlinks from such strong websites is that they also generate traffic. A successful content marketing campaign additionally supports the branding of the company as well.


Already with the selection of the topic of the content marketing campaign, the cornerstone for the success of the seeding is laid. With the choice of the right topic and proactive dissemination of the content, it is possible to build very high-quality backlinks, but also to generate traffic and attention.

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