Content outreach offensive for Lexware

Challenge accepted


With the general goal of establishing Lexware as the most visible provider in the organic search for accounting and invoicing software, the focus was placed on the targeted development of visibility-enhancing backlinks. In addition to SEO consulting and the content strategy for Lexware, the outreach measures were also to contribute to the set goals of increasing visibility.

Backlinks act as digital recommendations and play a central role in the field of search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines such as Google use backlinks as an indicator of the quality, relevance and authority of a website. Sites with a higher number of high-quality backlinks tend to have a better chance of being ranked higher in search results. By building a solid backlink strategy, we were able to help Lexware not only improve their search engine ranking, but also generate more organic traffic and strengthen their online presence in the long term.

Success story


469 Backlinks for Lexware

In total, an incredible 469 backlinks were built for Lexware in the first and second quarters of 2023.

SI > 18 exceeds the target set

With the measures from the content outreach offensive, search engine optimization and the content strategy, the visibility target set was exceeded by far.

+52,37 % Impressions

Website impressions increased enormously thanks to targeted SEO measures, text creation and optimization as well as outreach measures.

Let’s go


New Link providers for lexware

Potential link providers for Lexware were identified with the help of Google screening, competitor analyses, alerts, link gap analyses and more.

Quality check of the website

To ensure high quality in accordance with the internal quality criteria, all potential websites were evaluated using the dual control principle.

Quality definition developed

Backlink metrics and internal quality criteria were defined to evaluate the domains across the entire campaign.

Strategy workshops established

Joint strategy workshops were established on a quarterly basis in order to regularly summarize the SEO, content and outreach strategy and define new target projects.

When it comes to content outreach, we can always count on Michi and his team to find the right platforms in a targeted manner. The outreach eos are also a great support for us when it comes to supporting seeding campaigns or digital seeding and are always uncovering new potential and possible (long-term) partnerships for us. With regard to our content offensive, the team once again went full throttle, which is reflected in the success.

Vanessa Häßig, Online Marketing Manager | Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG
Our customer


Lexware is a German provider of commercial software solutions aimed at the self-employed, freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The company was founded in 1989 in Freiburg im Breisgau and is part of the Haufe Group under the name Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG.

Lexware offers a wide range of solutions covering accounting, order processing, merchandise management and payroll accounting and aims to support SMEs, start-ups and those who want to become one.

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