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In online marketing, website content not only serves the purpose of communicating with users, but also always aims to achieve rankings in top positions. Because without placements on page 1 of the SERPs, a website is virtually non-existent. At, the visibility of the online store should be increased and ranking potentials should be used without building even more store category pages. The idea was therefore a more informational content area. However, a detailed guidebook or magazine section was out of the question, as the content also had to appeal to the client’s own target group – and in the case of, these are predominantly very young people, who are difficult to inspire with text-focused content. Therefore, together with the customer, we decided on a inspirational area that can manage the balancing act between target group-appropriate content and SEO rankings.

New rankings in top positions please every online marketer. However, he can’t enjoy them for long if he doesn’t have the right content to offer users. User signals are always important for search engines, because they show whether a page is really worth being in the top 10. With the inspiration section, we at were able to kill two birds with one stone: produce content that can rank for relevant keywords and that picks up the customer’s target group.

Success story


Top placements for defined keywords

The content we create regularly results in top rankings for the pre-determined terms.

Expansion of visibility

The regular publication of the content we create and the top rankings that result also increase the visibility of

Increase qualitative traffic

The new rankings and visibility increase will ultimately lead to more visitors to the website!

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Theme pages as a source of inspiration

What do today’s fashionistas want? Inspiration! Fashion is an emotional topic that is difficult to convey with the help of text. Instead, it lives through images that depict the garments in combination with each other and in certain situations. This increases the incentive to buy, as users can better imagine the product. At the same time, identification opportunities for the target group are provided by the scenes depicted and the models. Image-heavy content pages on fashion topics, which show the products in outfits, are the right answer here. In close coordination with the client, we create the pages for the “inspiration” section by providing the descriptive texts for the outfits.

Use ranking potential & dovetail communication channels

With the theme pages, however, ranking potentials can be used very well at the same time. Because at the assortment changes quickly, so that it is not worthwhile to build a separate store page for each category.

Many categories would then be seasonally empty for a while or filled with very few products. With the theme pages, you can still achieve rankings for these product categories. Therefore, we first define keyword sets for the fashion themes, which serve as the basis for the text creation. When describing the outfits, the defined keywords flow into the texts. Each inspiration page also receives its own keyword-optimized meta data. However, the content pages are not only used for SEO, but also for’s social media activities and newsletter.

Themed content for sudden events

The inspiration area at has also offered to the Corona crisis the possibility to quickly and easily bring special content on this topic online for the target group. A theme page was created with Leisurewear, which flanked the brand’s #StayAtHome campaign on social media.

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