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JOSERA petfood is a medium-sized pet food manufacturer that focuses online on the sale of dog, cat and horse food. Even though JOSERA has been known in the offline world as a traditional, established family business for decades, it still lacked comparable awareness on the World Wide Web. The visibility of the company is limited by the special assortment. In addition, JOSERA’s online store competes with the major players, which have a much more extensive range to offer – both in terms of width and depth of product categories – and therefore generally rank better. To increase brand awareness, various measures were therefore defined as part of a holistic content strategy.

To increase awareness of JOSERA on the web, it is important to reach the company’s target group as a brand. With informational content that serves the needs of the target group – dog, cat and horse owners – JOSERA can establish itself as a pet food expert online and thus gain awareness. By picking up the user where he stands with its expertise, the company strengthens its positive brand image.

Success story


Visibility increase by 300%

The visibility of has increased by 300% in just 6 months.

Over 800 new rankings

During the project period, more than 800 new keyword rankings with top placements were generated for

Ranking improvements for defined important long-tail keywords

Our new content also improved existing rankings for important long-tail keywords.

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Building informational content

Since JOSERA’s special product range limits the possible keyword rankings, the ranking potential was increased by informational content. The already existing guidebook section of JOSERA was supplemented by additional topics that are particularly interesting for the target group. These topics were identified with the help of a search query analysis, for which we used various keyword research tools. It also became abundantly clear that information about dog and cat breeds on their character, special features or education is generally of great interest to the target group. For this reason, the guidebook section was supplemented with breed portraits.

Development of a content marketing campaign

Content marketing is a powerful tool to increase brand awareness online. As part of a creativity workshop, a campaign was developed together with JOSERA that was tailored precisely to the target group of dog owners, which is important for the brand. The idea behind the campaign was to provide the target group with specialist information, advice and support from experts free of charge for a topic that was unfortunately prominent at the time of the workshop and directly affected many dog owners: Toxic bait.

We were able to win over 3 experts for a comprehensive e-book that provides the target group with all the important information in a useful and professional way, from recognizing a bait to first aid for dogs and prevention. In addition to a veterinarian and a dog trainer, the animal protection organization PETA also agreed to help with the creation. The finished e-book was made available for free download on the JOSERA website and marketed as part of a seeding. Numerous well-known portals and daily magazines reported on the campaign, which contributed significantly to increasing brand awareness.

Ranking improvements through text optimizations and filter pages

To exploit the ranking potential in the store area as well, the texts of the category pages were first revised from an SEO perspective with a clear keyword focus. This increased the relevance of the page content for important search queries in the feed area. Another important and targeted measure was the creation of filter pages with their own text. For this purpose, long-tail keywords were identified with which users specifically search for certain feeds. The ranking and traffic potential associated with this was able to further increase the visibility of the website and thus the awareness of JOSERA.

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